Staying Fit During this Pandemic

Mia Mateo, Staff Writer

    More and more cases of COVID-19 are being discovered in the United States which means places are going to be closed and self quarantine is going to go on for a while. Staying healthy is important now that everyone is stuck inside their houses especially since gyms are closed people need to find an alternative way to workout whether it’s watching videos, putting together a routine, or even ordering gym supplies. Meditation and yoga can also be good relaxation tools to stay calm during quarantine. There are a lot of alternative ways to work out. You just need to find which one works best for you.

    Studies have shown that exercise boosts your mood. Many can agree that staying at home for so long with their families can be stressful. A way to relieve that stress can be by working out or meditation. Sophomore, Nicolle Sanchez says, “I can freely move my schedule around to fit my workout routine in the morning which is when I find I have the most motivation. I also have been following Chloe Ting workouts at my own pace without worrying about time limits.” Many students can agree that with online school it’s easier to fit in exercising into their schedule. Chloe Tings workouts are becoming very popular. She is a youtuber who posts workout videos, she has a 2 week shred challenge, hourglass challenge, and so much more. If you can’t fit a whole workout into your schedule, just a simple exercise is enough, like jump roping which keeps your heart rate up. Dr. Melina Jampolis states, “Coronavirus concerns, social distancing, gym closures and home confinement may tempt you to just curl up on the couch and binge-watch Netflix, or lose yourself all day in a great novel.” ( I have heard of people who watch Zumba videos on their TV and follow along as long as the exercise is keeping the heart rate up it is beneficial to your body. Studies show that people should do thirty minutes of keeping their heart rate up which strengthens the pulse and will also prevent weight gain.

    Sitting on your couch all day watching Netflix will not benefit you physically and mentally. Putting time aside to workout will boost your mood and prevent weight gain. Working out can also help clear your mind and focus on school which many people who have a lot of distractions need.