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Apple’s latest additions: The iPhone 15 and iOS 17

Boaz St. Omer

Anticipated for the past year, Apple’s iPhone 15 made its official debut on September 22nd. Apple users await the moment they can get their hands on the upcoming product, eager to find out if it lives up to its expectations. 

The all-new iPhone 15 model features a greater optical zoom and a wider depth of field. These updates allow users to take pictures with much more ease, ultimately improving the photography experience. For example, if someone is taking a photo and the subject is too far in the distance, or if the camera isn’t focusing, the user won’t need to worry about it because the camera will take care of it. The much larger lens on this camera gives it the ability to capture everything the photographer desires while adding greater vibrancy to the quality. This iPhone is presumed to contain one of the “most versatile camera systems” because of its bigger zoom and sensors.

The 15 will be Apple’s first phone with a USB-C charging port, shocking consumers who expected the typical lightning port. Junior Sofia Peralta expressed her excitement for the new phone’s release, sharing, “Maybe someday in the future I will get this phone because my phone is good right now but I heard about the new charger port and it looks like it charges super fast. Also, the new features like the contact swap and the color look nice.” Many users support the idea of the new port because it charges much faster, while others aren’t fond of having to buy new chargers. Apple considers this with its decision to include chargers in the purchase of the iPhone.

As this new smartphone makes its way to the public, iOS 17 simultaneously makes its debut. A new version of Airdrop, in which two users can place their phones next to each other and swap contact information, is among the countless new features. The “Find My” app is also entering a new stage, now providing more convenient tools. If a user loses an item, no panic is necessary. They can simply open the app and find their device, and where it will show the approximate location with an audio direction, haptic, and visual, almost like a game of “hot or cold.”

A bigger screen, an amazing camera system, and an action button are all on the long list of the iPhone 15’s groundbreaking features. An action button takes the place of the mute button, where users can switch from activating voice recordings to turning on flash and camera, to shortcuts, and more. All this can be done with just a click of one button.

Apple fans have been waiting for this moment for years: the option of the smartphone in pink, mint green, black, light blue, and yellow. Fans have been seeking a pink phone to release for a long time, and Apple is finally granting their wishes. Sophomore Kaitlyn Oramas was beyond happy when she heard about the colors the phone will be released in, “especially the pink color because it’s been a while since Apple has done that. But I don’t think I will get this phone because it doesn’t seem much different compared to the other phones.”

The iPhone 15 is now available for purchase, and iOS 17 is just one download away. Soon enough, people will be walking around with their pink iPhone 15s in hand and matching them with the all-new Apple Watch Series 9.

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    MaxOct 2, 2023 at 12:25 PM

    This feature on the iphone makes things much easier to get someone contact info and it only takes a few seconds