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Meet Charter’s dancing queen: Mrs. Gil

Adriana Calderon

As our seniors leave and freshmen step foot into their new classes, change is happening all around in Pines Charter High School. Including our teachers. Filled with experience and knowledge, they have so much to bring to the high school– but this specific teacher doesn’t teach our typical rigorous courses. What she brings to Charter is art in one of its purest forms, dance.

Mrs. Gil teaches the school’s dance elective and sponsors our very own dance and cheer teams. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic and dancing since the age of 2, she loves dancing and has always had a passion for it. “It is my God given gift and I believe it is my purpose. I’ve always loved to dance since I was a little girl,” says Gil. Reminiscing about her time in the Dominican Republic, “it also helped that [her] parents always played loud music in [her] house, and always had neighbors and family coming over and all they would do is dance merengue in the living room.”

Dance being brought up to her from a very young age, and having practice with various styles, she knew this was something she wanted to do in the long run. Before Gil got married, she professionally danced mambo in New York City. As time has passed, she has changed paths many times, yet somehow dance has managed to follow her through them. Previous to starting at charter, she taught Speech and Debate, along with Dance, at Franklin Academy and voices that “[she] used to teach dance to middle school students, and loved the idea of teaching at the high school level.”

Luz Marina Gil steps forward with dance and her journey as a whole. Being a mother of three children and a wife of 23 years, she continues to pursue what she loves most by having her place in the PPCHS staff. Additionally, she teaches zumba at the YMCA after school hours and has been doing that for almost 20 years, which she also includes and implements in the classroom. With many years of dance experience, junior Kharla Kure explains how “dance this year has been a lot more interactive. Mrs. Gil has incorporated many dance moves from different styles, such as merengue and salsa into zumba dances.” She adds that “by doing these dances, we have not only learned about the dance culture in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, but have also had fun with friends making the class more enjoyable.”

Mrs. Gil, being fresh to the school, has so much planned for the 2023-2024 school year. With proper preparation, practice and hard work our High School students will be more exposed to what the dance and arts community has to offer. Performances such as, Hispanic Heritage, Winter Fantasy Show, Black History Show, Dance Benefit, and Pep Rally, she is “super excited to have various shows this year.” Not only does Mrs. Gil step out of the box and uniquely express herself through her dance, but she is an inspiration to those who share her passion and were once dancing around their house, as a little kid, just like her.

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Alexia Rivera, Social Media Editor
Hey jags! I’m Alexia Rivera, the CHAT’s Social Media Editor. I’m currently a junior and this is my second year being involved in the school’s newspaper. Along with my passion for writing, I’m a Dance Team Captain and I love art. I am very excited and looking forward to this new school year. I would love to hear from you!
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Hello, my name is Adriana Calderon! I am currently a senior and this is my first year in the CHAT. This year I will be a part of the photo department as well as a helping hand for the video team. I enjoy playing soccer, capturing moments, spending time with my family, and going to gym daily. I’m looking forward to an eventful year and the memories the CHAT captures this year! Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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  • I

    IsabelSep 11, 2023 at 4:28 PM

    Luz Marina has always been predominantly artistic. It is a joy to see how she has used her talent to change so many student’s & their parent’s lives~ it is a blessing especially in today’s world.
    Very impressive and moving!
    Keep up the awesome work Manita
    Your family is very proud of you..We love you! ❤️