Snowbowl 2023: The LeCappers’s Path to Victory

Kara Warren, Clubs Editor

  Moments in elementary school where balls were thrown, team captains were named, and bragging rights were earned was brought to Charter’s gymnasium on a random Wednesday afternoon. Events like this don’t happen often in high school, but the PPCHS SGA returned its annual Snowbowl Dodgeball Tournament to school grounds. This year, 8 teams competed, head-to-head, for the title of the 2023 Snowbowl Champions, and it was no surprise that the LeCappers pulled through with a victory. 

   The team, composed of five Charter soccer players, took the win after defeating seven others. Alexander Champagne, one of the competing seniors, shared that their connection and strength as a unit was the key to success. “We’re all so familiar with each other and we have a lot of chemistry when it comes to knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We established that from the beginning, and used it throughout the entire tournament, which led to such a huge win.”

   In Mr.Jablonka’s eyes, his first Snowbowl proved to be a greater success than he could’ve imagined. “Coming from me, who is a SnowBowl champion, I was pretty impressed with what I saw. There were no injuries, first of all which is always good. And when the tournament ended, everyone wanted to play again and I think that was something that made me feel good about how the event went. The fact that everyone wanted to stay and play more just showed me that they enjoyed what they did, the atmosphere we had, and the competition—because at the end of the day that’s what SnowBowl’s about.”