SGA’s Week of Love Successfully Unifies PPCHS

Valerie Questell, News Editor

From February 13-17, the PPCHS Student Government Association took the initiative to recognize the tragedy of Marjory Stoneman Douglass by spreading love across campus. From kindly-messaged post-it notes across the U-Building hallway to the famous “Love Cam,” Charter’s first Week of Love was a success. 

Day 1: Love Yourself

Upon looking at the flyer and seeing day 1, Sophomore Zahara Durand awaited this day to treat herself. “Once I saw the flyer on Instagram, I knew that that day would be my day,” she said. “Especially it being a Monday, I took the time for self-care and alone time. This felt like a breath of fresh air for my mental health… I needed it.” 

Day 2: Love your Friends

Junior Mia Olmedo expressed her perspective on day 2 of the Week of Love. “I feel like this new SGA Week of Love has instigated kinder habits amongst the students in charter,” she said. “There were friend groups all around campus giving each other gifts and appreciating each other in their own ways.” 

Day 3: Love your School

Senior Andres Jimenez took day 3 to realize and appreciate PPCHS in his own way. “When my friends read to me the days on the [Week of Love] flyer, I realized how underrated the topic of school was,” he said. “I really took the time to think about our fantastic school and the education given to us. I am thankful every day that I was fortunate enough to go to a free College Prep school.”

Day 4: Love your Future

Junior Lara Da Costa took a point of realization and reflection on day 4. “When I saw ‘Love your Future’ on the SGA flyer, I thought about it for a couple of days,” she said. “I realized that in order to grow, I have to love my path and my road to success, aka the future. It’s also made me appreciate PPCHS and what they have offered me for my future.”

Day 5: Love your Community

Sophomore Nikolas DiCorpo took an environmental take on the opinions of Week of Love. “Day 5 of SGA’s Week of Love made me think about the amount of plastic being used for Valentine’s Day decorations,” he said. “I made sure to use sustainable materials when I gifted my friends and, most importantly, my mom.”


The PPCHS Week of Love was not only filled with love, but it was filled with kindness, friendship, appreciation, and, most importantly, unification. Although this was the first year of SGA’s Week of Love, it plans to continue every year as a time everyone will remember upon graduating. Hopefully, with this, PPCHS will have not only one Week of Love but spread love and kindness every day.