Up and Coming Band Answers the Tough Questions…Their Answers May Surprise You

Lindsey Smith, Arts and Entertainment Editor

   It’s common knowledge that bands draw inspiration from other bands. The Beatles were the main inspiration for 90s rock band, Oasis. Aretha Franklin inspired a whole new wave of 60s R&B. David Bowie practically changed the face of rock and roll. Student-run band, Florian, is among the past prospects of best bands of all time when it comes to, very plainly put, just enjoying music and putting their own spin on lifelong classics. Some of the biggest bands in music history attracted their widespread popularity by doing exactly what Florian currently does. A band of four, a quartet of musical brilliance, Florian is just as responsible for a new wave of inspiration and a new wave of talent as others, and, when asked some questions about musical preferences, they had a lot to say.


Question: What is your all time favorite band(s)?

“I don’t really have a favorite band, but a few that are up there are Radiohead, Toe, Joji, and TTNG.” — Junior Nick Kim


“I always keep going back to Queen, Guns and Roses, and El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico.” — Sophomore Christian King


“Is Cafuné a band? Cause it’s them, or BTS since they also probably count as bands in some peoples’ eyes.” — Junior Liana Samuel


“Ironically, I don’t listen to much music for myself. Usually it’s for performances. But some consistent bands whose songs I enjoy playing are Rush, Dream Theater, and Cafune.” —Alexander Shpurik


Question: What are your preferred genres to listen to? Why?

I listen to a lot of guitar-based music, like rock and metal, but I also listen to a good amount of jazz, hip hop, and experimental electronic music. I don’t have a preference for any genre though. I could go from Led Zeppelin to Drain Gang within like 5 minutes, haha. If it’s good it’s good.” —Nick Kim


“I think my top ones are Latin, hip hop, and jazz. Those three have just been my main go-to whenever I just wanna vibe.” — Sophomore Christian King


“RnB, pop, classical/orchestral, anything hype or vibey.” — Junior Liana Samuel


“Jazz (and sub genres) and rock are my top genres. I love jazz for the sound, and also because of the rhythmical complexity and ability to “comp” with the music and create a masterpiece from the soul (also because my teacher is a jazz drummer). I enjoy rock for the technical skill and complexity required to play the music.” — Alexander Shpurik


Question: What is your preferred method of listening to music?

“In headphones, either while walking around or biking outside or in the dark.” — Junior Nick Kim


“Any speaker that I can connect to, I will. I always like it at full volume whether it’s at home, the gym, or the car. always blasting.” — Sophomore Christian King


“Headphones, haha, if I’m ever blasting music for others then they’re listening to music from my playlist that I think that group of people will like so that we all enjoy it together.” — Liana Samuel


“My preferred method of listening to music is just in my AirPods. I do the majority of my music listening either on the way to school or while practicing for a performance, or just learning a song.” — Alexander Shpurik


Question: What streaming platform do you use to listen to music? Do you recommend it to others?

“Usually I listen to music through YouTube, but I’ve been trying to build a vinyl collection. Support artists in any way you can, and try not to use platforms that are known to not support artists. (cough cough, Spotify.)” — Junior Nick Kim


“I just got used to Spotify and I pay for premium. I’m aware that they’re not the best with supporting artists and I don’t recommend the service but it’s something that I’m way too used to using.” — Sophomore Christian King


“Youtube music because you can listen to just about every song ever, you can listen to super new music, old music, unreleased stuff you’d only find on YouTube; the only thing premium gives you is background playing and no ads and I’m okay without either of those. Or you can make a million accounts and get a month of free premium on each, haha.” — Liana Samuel


“I use YouTube to listen to my music, even though the ads get annoying sometimes. I know there are better platforms, but YouTube is just ok and I’m fine with it.” –Alexander Shpurik