The 65th Annual Grammys Recap


Donated by Lindsey Smith

Alexandria Williams, Staff Writer

   The Grammys are one of the biggest events of the year. It is a huge Award ceremony where artists are recognized and rewarded for the music and albums they have created over the past year. Many artists have been rewarded for the variety of songs they have produced, which were so great that they are being recognized for them. This year was the 65th Annual Grammy Award ceremony and has been considered one of the best ones yet, for all of its diversity and greatness. There were many great nominees this year that had created amazing music such as Lizzo, Adele, Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, and many more. This year’s music was so widespread and the award show was so momentous that even First Lady Jill Biden presented an award to an Iranian, who made an anthem for social change, that inspired her.

   This year’s Grammy award show was filled with emotion, beauty, and awe-inspiring styles. Lizzo had on a lovely corset cape dress, with beautiful red and peach-colored flowers spread all around it, which made it incredibly unique. Harry Styles wore one of his signature sparkly outfits: a rainbow jumpsuit that shimmered in the night. Cardi B wowed the paparazzi with her outfit which was an extravagant blue dress that captured the essence of true art. Shania Twain “mooed” her way into the Grammys with a glamorous cow print suit, with a cow print hat, and luscious red hair.

   Among the many records broken and the awards given was Beyonce who now has 32 Grammys, the most anyone has ever received. As a comical side comment to her talent and award-winning music, many wonder she puts all of them. She won three awards at the Grammys for best R&B song, “Cuff it”, for Best Dance Recording (for her song Break my Soul), and for best Dance/Electronic Album, which was her album Renaissance. Another known artist who was given an award (presented to her by Dwayne Johnson, or more commonly known as the Rock) was Adele for Best Pop Solo performance, for her song “Easy On me.” Lizzo made a showout in more than just her style when she won the record of the year. In addition to her captivating performances, she won everyone’s hearts with her amazing, powerful, and emotional speech as well. Intermixed with pure talent and assiduous work, a variety of other artists were granted similar recognition and awards.

   The middle of the Grammys was considered to be the best yet when there was a huge performance celebrating 50 years of hip hop, with all hip hop artists from over the years, from old to new. This included LL Cool J, Run-DMC, Public Enemy, Ice-T, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, Salt & Peppa, Busta Rhymes, the list goes on. There were also performances by Stevie Wonder, and Smokey Robinson, and the ending performances of DJ Khaled, John Legend, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Jay Z, who hasn’t performed at the Grammys since 2014.

   The Grammys were overall phenomenal. Since the beginning and speculations of who would win what, the show was a guaranteed hit. There was a great host, Trevor Noah, who has been hosting for a while and made the audience feel at home. The 65th Grammys were absolutely amazing, and it’s evident, the 66th has a lot to live up to.