Did You Wait Till the Last Minute?: 6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Alexia Rivera, Staff Writer

  Valentine’s day is a day full of love. Giving gifts on this special day can make your significant other feel loved and cared for. It doesn’t need to be extravagant or expensive, just something that has meaning and sentimental value. Whether it’s their favorite candy, flowers, jewelry, or even something homemade, as long as it comes from the heart it can mean so much to the person receiving the gift. With all of this said, many people struggle with what gifts to give. So, here is the ultimate Valentine’s Day guide to some amazing ideas that will be very memorable, even for later years to come.


  1. Flowers

   With vibrant colors and a lovely smell, flowers, especially roses, never fail to leave a loved one smiling on Valentine’s Day. From Publix, Target, or Trader Joes, fresh flowers can be found everywhere, for an affordable price too. Although they don’t last very long, it is a very romantic gesture that is enjoyed by many.


  1. Candy

   If your loved one has a sweet tooth, candy is a perfect gift. Specifically chocolate, it is a delicious treat that takes over Valentine’s day. Served in a heart shaped box, it is festive and enjoyed by most. Even though candy is not one of the most sentimental or romantic gifts, a way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.


  1. Jewelry

   Shiny, sparkly, and sentimental, jewelry is yet another Valentine’s Day gift. Unlike flowers or sweets, this gift can be a bit more expensive. However, it can last forever and is very special. Being able to wear a piece of jewelry given by a boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, or even family member, is like wearing a memory of that one person who gifted it. Jewelry is something that has personal value and can be cherished by most on Valentine’s day and many more after that.


  1. Perfume/cologne

   Perfume or cologne are alternate ideas for a Valentine’s Day gift. When going to give that loved one a hug or just being around them, smelling that cologne or perfume that was gifted to them will always be a reminder of that amazing person.


  1. Teddy bears

   Teddy bears are a cute and cuddly way to show someone they are cared for and loved. Even for people who don’t have a valentine. Grinning from ear to ear, freshman Izabella Garcia, says jokingly that “Teddy bears make a better valentine because they can’t break your heart.” Not only do teddy bears represent all the couples on this day of love and romance but, they represent the single people out there making their Valentine’s Day a special one.


  1. Homemade gifts

   Having a memory with someone you love can be shared many ways, one being through pictures or letters. Cards or even homemade gifts can fill one’s heart full of happiness. Showing a creative side is a very cute and unique way to express love on this holiday. 


   Along with the gifts listed above, even PPCHS helps out in the gift giving department. With Valentine’s Day grams bringing students together, Senior Meghan Golightly has been with her girlfriend for almost one year. Blushing, she describes how, “Around this time last year I was talking to this girl in my class, we always hung out together and I really liked her. I bought her a rose with our school’s Valentine’s Day gram, the one with the song…Later that day we had our first kiss.” 

   At the end of the love day, gift giving on Valentine’s Day is all about that special person you spend it with. Even if that special person is really just a teddy bear.