A Sneak Peak Into College Life

Isabella Cely-Garcia, Staff Writer

As spring slowly approaches, college decision season gears up into full swing with the class of 2023 going into their final semester as Jags. While this is a bittersweet time of year for many students, it’s a glimpse of what lies ahead for the junior class of 2024– especially with the yearly junior college trip. 

   Due to Covid restrictions, this once-in-a-lifetime chance had been lost to many students. However, this year, the Charter tradition is being brought back to life by Ms. Perez, our Charter BRACE Advisor. The trip has always been a way for the junior class to learn more about the options they have for their future, and now the class of 2024 will have their chance at discovering these choices. “It gives students an opportunity to get on these college campuses, to see if they identify with how they feel based on being on this campus,” says Ms. Perez enthusiastically. “There’s always an emotional connection to a school, to a place that you go to where you feel like you’re at home, that you belong. Where that may be the opportunity that they [students] need to say ‘You know what, this is where I wanna come. This is where I’m gonna apply.’ And also to find out what the admissions process looks like. What do I have to have to be a student that can apply, be accepted, and come here. It gives you an idea as to what different schools offer, what they’re about, where they’re at, and it’s still within the state so it’s not like we’re so far. You’ll be able to get that college experience.”

Set to leave on February 28th, the trip will last three days and two nights. While the itinerary for the trip is yet to be finalized, many students cannot contain their excitement. Dylan Escandell, a junior who signed up for the trip, has a lot to look forward to. “It’s like the beginning of a new phase of life you know? One of the schools we visit could be the one I end up going to for the next four years. That’s insane to think about!” Ms. Perez has a slightly different view of the trip. She believes that it’s necessary to prevent college decisions from being any more difficult than they have to be. “The last thing you want is to apply to a university, never have gone to their campus, get accepted, decide to go there, and then you’re there and you’re like ‘Oh my gosh, where am I? I wanna take it all back.’ See? So that’s why it’s important for them to gain that insight on what it’s all about.” As preparations for the trip continue, more students gain interest in the possibilities that await them in the fall. 

Touring schools like UCF will be a welcome change back to normalcy post pandemic. However, nerves and anxiety also mark this period of time for students. This whirlwind of emotions on campus exemplifies the changing world that these rising seniors will be entering next year.