Leaving Legacies

Lucas Giron and Mariana Ardila

Under a new coaching staff, the Lady Jags still had something to prove to their supporters and to themselves, especially on their senior night. With 8 graduating seniors on the team, it was a special night for the team while friends and family came to support. Here is the seniors’ perspectives on what senior night meant to them and the impact playing for Pines Charter has had on them.

Tejada McLaughlin
“How would you describe your experience on playing varsity basketball for pines charter?”
“It was a great experience playing basketball here at Pines. I got to learn more about playing basketball than I ever did before.”

Sophie Dehaut
“Senior night was a way of showing friends and family the effort we put in to defend the court. It was a night to that really demonstrated our love for the sport. Even though we lost, we all gave our hardest effort and I’m happy those who came out to got to experience us in action!”

Kailee Maldonado
“Playing varsity for the past four years has been an amazing experience. I’ve really enjoyed the connections I made with the girls and all the fun we have together. The memories I’ve made here will definitely last.”
Betty Phipps
“Senior night meant that I got the opportunity to recognize all the hard work I’ve put into basketball and for me to celebrate it with my friends and family.”

Camille Excel
“Though we’re not a great team, just playing along side everyone is enough. I want to make memories and have fun before we all go our separate ways, so for me this season is about cherishing the friends I’ve made and having a good time.”

Megan Rasmuessen
Senior night was a very fun. It made me realize how close I am with the girls on the team and really put into perspective how our friendship is so valuable. Also, I loved having my friends and family come and support.

Gianella Miranda
“ It was more of a last chance for us. To prove ourselves not only our families and coaches, but each other. We wanted to show that all the work we put into the team was worth it. Although we lost, we showed a lot more effort on the court. We could’ve just pushed ourselves harder but in my opinion, we went out how we wanted to, win or not. It was a night I’m always going to remember, and I’m grateful for that.”
Ajanna Harper
“ To me my senior night meant a lot. i have been playing with the school for 4 straight years since i was a freshman and it was the even though we lost that day it was one of the most memorable days of my life because i was able to celebrate it with my family and teammates”