Gifts That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

Olivia Ramos, Staff Writer

   With Christmas fast approaching, many people, especially friend groups, are starting to struggle to find the perfect gift for the special people in their lives. From inflation to teenagers just not having enough money to splurge, it is a struggle to think of good, meaningful gifts to give to loved ones. Worry not, though, as there are plenty of gifts within price range that can save you from bad gifts and even worse excuses. Here is a list of items under 30 dollars that can have a personal and significant impact on the person that is receiving the gift. 

  • Handwritten letters 

   If you want to give someone something special, handwritten letters about how much they mean to you are something that will sweep them off their feet. Lined paper is 5 dollars at Target or Walmart and colored paper is 6-7 dollars as well (as the background sheet to give it a more colorful hue). Writing a lot of letters about them and the ways they helped you, creates a more emotional connection and really shows appreciation and respect to the person that gets the letters. Make them sentimental and funny, and try not to erase your personality from the piece of paper. These letters will definitely bring a smile to their face, a bigger smile to you for not spending a buck and a penny for a gift. 

  • Disposable Camera

   Make special moments last with a disposable camera. Something that many people want is for time to stop when something is so good, so, instead, they take pictures to capture a moment that is dear to them. Instead of an ordinary picture on their phone camera that gets hidden by a thousand other photos, getting them this gift will help them really hold moments important to them more valuable. Disposable cameras range from 13-25 dollars and are not only aesthetically pleasing to have but a more creative way to take pictures.

  • Candy

   If you have someone that doesn’t like anything in particular, get them something that will be at least sweet, quite literally. Candy is something that ranges in flavors from sweet and sour to bitter and even sometimes spicy. Ask your friend/family/significant other what candy they want and run with it. Range with that type of candy, get a big bag of it. Candy is delicious, cheap and something that most everyone enjoys. 

  • Body and skin care 

   One thing that everyone LOVES is smelling good and looking good Lotion, perfume, hand sanitizer, cleanser, toner, a beauty supply place gift card, hair supplements, nail supplements, and more–there are so many things that you can give a friend or a significant other that cares for themself and their hygiene. It is not rude to give people hygiene products, they’re inexpensive and help a lot in everyday life. So, this Christmas, perfumes or skin care products like masks will be very essential for the person receiving them.

  • Comfort items 

Comfort items come in all shapes and sizes, and receiving them from someone special holds them in a higher value. So, give your friends blankets, stuffed animals, and even just comfortable clothes. Comfortable items are inexpensive and bring warmth and pleasure to anyone who has them. There is nothing wrong with giving someone fluffy socks or squishmallows, as they can hold more meaning than an expensive gift that’s only purpose is being expensive. 


So, give gifts that are meaningful and don’t kill your wallets. It is better to get a gift that is within budget and holds greater significance than an expensive gift that doesn’t hold any meaning.