Running to the Top

Alexia Rivera , Staff Writer


Running to the finish line with a supportive, talented, and hard working team, the PPCHS Cross Country team ran their way to states. Team members have been practicing especially for this moment and have pushed themselves towards their goal. Florida High School Athletic Association Cross Country State Finals took place in Tallahassee, Florida on November 5th in Apalachee Regional Park. Unlike a typical race or run, the boy’s varsity team ran a 5k through hills, rocks, dirt and many other obstacles. 

   Getting to this point, for many runners, has been an accomplishment yet, a challenging one. Sophomore and team member, Andres Gaviria, talks about his experience with cross country and making it to the top with the rest of his team. He states that “Since the first day of practice, during summer, our goal had always been for our team to make it to states. Within those three months of training we all showed up to practice every morning, five days a week, and worked really hard to get into our best shape. Once the season started, after our first few meets, we noticed that the team was on a good path so we decided to keep on working harder. We ran no matter the circumstance, pushed each other and fought off the pain during workouts. It all made it worth it at the end, with the team making it to the final level, states. It was such a privilege running at states because we felt that we earned that position. We suffered through a lot of pain but reminded ourselves that it was temporary and that putting in hard mental and physical effort would give us a lifetime of memories.” Along with reaching the goal of making states, learning how to persevere and work together came with the process. Months and months of practice and challenging times led the team to success in the end.

    Although it was well deserved, making it to states came as a shock to others. “It was my first years of cross country with past experience in track and field, however, it was shocking to be able to have a team that was able to compete in states. It was all thanks to past efforts in training and motivation from our amazing coach, Coach Angeles.”, states sophomore and team member Samuel Morales. Hard work has really paid off for cross country allowing students and athletes great opportunity. Not only was working together important but being able to be instructed and have that drive was key for the team.

   After years of not being able to make it to states, this year’s 2022, PPCHS Cross Country Boy’s Varsity Team was able to accomplish just that. Over the years, the team has grown immensely and has developed in so many ways. Being able to reach their goal of making it to states, cross country seems to have reached so much more along the way.