Happy Holidays… Or Are They?

Marissa Levinson, Opinions Editor

   For some, the holiday season is about embracing religion through memorable traditions and customs. For others, it’s a portal to reconnections with family members who are flights away, sharing warm smiles, and showing appreciation for one another throughout the festive weeks. For children, excitement comes with sitting under the luminescent, ornamented-with-love Christmas tree, as they tear the wrapping paper off their gifts– But are the holidays overrated? 

   To put it simply, the holidays are unique and well deserving of the thrill associated with them. You take a look around your neighborhood and see snowflake projectors, candy cane glows, and inflated snowmen across every street hearing the faint harmonies of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” playing somewhere in the distance, all with a cup of steaming hot cocoa warming your frozen palms.

    Fighting through the Black Friday crowds with a drop of sweat or even a tear rolling down your cheek, as you eye the one present you must have under the tree all proves to be worth it when your special someone opens the unforgettable gift with a smile plastered from ear to ear.   Although some may say the magic of the holidays fades away as Santa becomes less believable, or spinning the dreidel becomes less exhilarating, the joy of December perseveres for all ages. As young children grow into maturing adolescents, they learn more of the true meanings and values established during the holiday season, taking part in giving and being kind to others on a higher level. Adults, meanwhile, can sit back and admire spending quality time with family or prepare delicious meals for everyone to enjoy in the company of loved ones. 

   There’s no doubt that everyone needs a break from the stress of routine life, waking up before the sun rises, trekking through the hours of school or work, and going through the motions time and time again. Knowing there’s twinkling lights at the end of the tunnel makes the days leading up to it more tolerable. With two weeks off, typically following the draining days of midterms, overworked students are given the chance to take a breath, have a mental break, and recharge for the next half of the school year ahead, with the help of some holiday cheer.

   Virtually everyone celebrates something during December; whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or even just the anticipation of the new year, with your eyes glued to the ball about to drop at the end of the countdown, it’s an irreplaceable time to make memories.