Homecoming: A Night to Remember

Alexandria Williams, Staff Writer

   December has just begun, and Homecoming is right around the corner. Tickets have just been released on November 17th at 3:00 PM and were gone in less than ten minutes. It was a huge surprise to all the students who didn’t get one but sparked excitement among those who did. One student, junior Mia Keegan, states “I’m excited! I love to dress up and go out, but I’m a bit disappointed because most of my friends weren’t able to get tickets. I’m envisioning white and gold with some accents of bright florals.” Additionally, Camila Correa, junior Vice President of SGA, expresses “I’m expecting Homecoming to be a fun event that students will enjoy! With the pep rally having such a good outcome, I am hopeful that so will homecoming. Our homecoming committee has done a great job planning out the whole event with gorgeous decorations, delicious snacks, and a fun DJ. I know that if students bring the same energy they had at the pep rally and with our committee’s hard work, we can certainly make hoco our best event yet.”

   Homecoming is one of the biggest events of the year, where students can interact with fellow classmates. Tickets have always tended to sell out quickly. However, this year, the SGA members were shocked. Camila Correa said, “For hoco tickets selling out so fast, I was totally shocked! Last year we sold out tickets within two school days, well four actual days since it was over the weekend. So I expected us to sell out within the same time or maybe a day less. At first, I was quite proud that we sold out so quickly but then I realized how upsetting it would be to the student body and I got super stressed. I actually called Mr. Jablonka because I thought that the website had crashed and I asked him to check if we had sold out. After he told our officer board that we sold out, I immediately went to go find him after school to see if we would be opening more tickets or doing anything about it. It took everyone by surprise, especially the officer board and Mr. Jablonka.” Another member of the Homecoming committee, Senior Brianna Correa had thought differently about the whole situation, “To be honest, I was not surprised to find that the HOCO tickets sold out so fast. Last year, we sold out in 2 school days which was absolutely insane. I had the same expectations for this year and we sold out immediately, so I’m really happy about it.” The Ticket sales for homecoming were overall very successful, and SGA members are happy that they were able to sell out the tickets so quickly, showing how excited all of the students are about Homecoming.

   This year, the plan for Homecoming had taken a while to come up with. Brianna Correa stated, “Typically, the SGA officer board decides the theme in the summer time before school starts to give us plenty of time to rule everything out, especially since it’s just a couple of SGA kids and Mr. Jablonka that plan an entire dance. As soon as I was told I was head of the committee, I immediately got to work with my committee members in late August. We have been working on this project for almost 4 months now!” Homecoming is surely going to be a success this year with all the great planning that has gone into it. And many of our PPCHS students can not wait to get out there and enjoy the homecoming dance on December 10th, which will be a night to remember.