Could Nicole Kidman Be the Next EGOT Legend?

Isabella Cely-Garcia, Staff Writer

   The EGOT. An achievement reached by few, but desired by many. First coined by the actor Phillip Michael Thomas in 1984, EGOT is the acronym used to describe when a celebrity has won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony (Vanity Fair). Since then, cinching an EGOT has been the mission of hundreds of artists around the world. Junior Sebi Reyes Fariñas, actress and event manager of PPCHS Drama Troupe 6153, says this about the award: “As an artist myself, the idea of getting an EGOT is probably one of the most honorable achievements to strive for. In general terms, receiving this collection of all these awards typically is given to artists who are extremely diverse and often triple or quadruple threats. While these awards are not telling of an artist’s worth, it serves as a form of formal recognition of their work.” Recently, award winning actress Nicole Kidman may just be the next to achieve that milestone. 

   The fifty-five year old actress and producer has already won an Oscar and two Emmys, as well multiple Golden Globe awards. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1967, Kidman has starred in countless blockbuster hits over the span of her career. “Personally, recipients of an EGOT are typically amongst the most talented people in the industry. With trailblazers like Rita Moreno and Barbara Streisand being a part of this group, it is clear that EGOT almost translates to ‘legend status’. These are the people who have shifted from the general narrative and created their own that have left audiences in awe of their talent,” Sebi comments. Kidman’s past projects include the likes of Moulin Rouge!, Aquaman, The Others, Just Go With It, Lion, and even Paddington. Her role in 2002’s The Hours secured her her first Oscar award, putting her on the path to being able to claim EGOT status. Over a decade later, the American-Australian artist won two Emmys for her role on the hit TV show Big Little Lies in 2017 (Television Academy). This puts her halfway to reaching the EGOT. 

   The more musical half of the EGOT, the Grammy and the Tony, have been a challenge for the star. But senior Chanell Thomas, drama club member, believes Kidman has what it takes. “She’s a powerhouse. I’m certain she has a shot of getting it. Yeah she doesn’t have as much experience in the music industry as other contenders but there’s no doubt that she can sing. The potential for EGOT status is there for sure,” she expresses. Sebi shares a similar opinion, stating, “I feel as though Nicole Kidman is an incredibly talented and accredited actor. Thus, I believe that she does deserve an EGOT. However, she has only exceeded in two of the four categories. In order to earn the EGOT, she would have to challenge herself and extend her career past TV and movie acting.” 

   However, Kidman is already on her way there. The actress recently recorded a duet with Luke Evans for his upcoming album, prompting fans to rush to social media in support (Today). One fan even said she was “coming for that EGOT”. While Kidman herself has not confirmed or denied this, it cannot be denied that she’s slowly but surely inching her way towards being the next legendary EGOT recipient.