A Season of Thanks: Charter’s Favorite Traditions!

Rebekah Barrera

   As we go further into the autumn season full of cool breezes and cozy nights, the day of Thanksgiving draws closer and closer. From sharing the things that we’re grateful for to gathering for a filling feast, the holiday holds a variety of traditions for every family. And however much different they are from each other, each celebration is as special as the next. With the great diversity Pines Charter brings to the table, many students had a lot to say in response to the question, “What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition and why?”:


“It’d probably be my grandfather making the turkey and us eating it. We always went over to his house and… he kind of makes the best [turkey], beside Disney World turkeys! If we aren’t near his house, we just go to Disney World… and we’ll have those turkeys there, and I just love the actual turkey drumsticks!” –Amelia Coberly (Junior)


“Friendsgiving because I get to have quality time with my best friends.” –Meggan Martin (Senior)


“I like saying when you’re thankful… because we don’t get to do that on the daily.” –Logan Mastrosimone (Senior)


“Eating home-cooked meals because.. it’s just so much better. Every family has their own traditions and they get to cook their own stuff… so each family’s Thanksgiving is special.” –Sanya Gidwani (Freshman)


“We sit down and hold hands… We think about our loved ones that have passed and remember all the beautiful things we’re grateful for when we’re all together, like the fact that even though they’re all gone, we’re still together. It keeps us stronger.” –Fernando Barreto (Junior)


“Friendsgiving… It’s fun and you get to spend time with your second family!” –Silvana Dioguardi (Senior)


“While my parents are making Thanksgiving dinner in the early morning… my brothers and I go out in the backyard and we play a game of football…and then we all get together as a family and we always do Christmas karaoke, all the time after Thanksgiving dinner! I enjoy [these] because it’s quality time spent with my family and they’re fun activities, too, not boring.” –Amaya Mateo (Junior)


“Apart from the eating we do [during Thanksgiving], the Super Bowl is fun to watch! The fact that it’s the only time I watch football makes Thanksgiving something I look forward to. We watch and cheer while eating and it’s all just fun.” –Christian Tijero (Senior)


“My uncle and my grandma [and I], we make turkey and mashed potatoes. [It’s memorable] because we’re… praying about how thankful we are… [saying] ‘Thank you for this food’ and how we’re lucky that we’re under a roof.” –Isabella Cioffi (Sophomore)


“Friendsgiving because I like to hang out with my friends! I like sharing meals… and spending time with my friends, and all of us bringing food from our own culture to [Friendsgiving].” –Isabella Tamayo (Senior)


“Probably just seeing family, I don’t get to see a lot of them all the time.” –Jasmine Salmon (Freshman)


“I love to decorate for Thanksgiving or just the holidays in general, like put up Thanksgiving props outside! It makes me feel very happy and it’s very nostalgic. You can feel the fun Thanksgiving spirit that way.” –Micah William (Freshman)