A Period of Progress: PPCHS’s Menstrual Hygiene Carts Make a COMEBACK!

Rebekah Barrera, Arts & Entertainment Editor


 Last school year, SGA’s decision to set up Pines Charter’s first ever menstrual hygiene cart marked the beginning of significant progress towards removing the stigma around periods. With free menstrual products–like pads and tampons of all sizes–available to all, Charter recognizes that access to these supplies is a necessity, yet there are still many who aren’t provided it. Thus, to continue on this path of progress, the feminine hygiene carts are making a return! Not only is SGA bringing them back, but they’re also adding a cart to girls’ bathrooms in each building, instead of just the U building. To celebrate this comeback, several students had thoughts to share about the carts’ importance:


“It’s necessary to have products that are dedicated to girls’ needs in our school bathrooms. It’s a sense of security for girls to know that the products are there even if they don’t need it, and especially for emergency cases. My goal is for these carts to be in every bathroom at school and to let all girls know that SGA sees this problem and is going to do everything they can to fix it.” –Kymora Stewart (Senior, President of SGA Class)


Bringing back the feminine hygiene carts is extremely important to me and the club because honestly as a woman myself we’ve all been in that situation where it’s an emergency and we need a feminine product. Instead of going around to every female friend we have like ‘Do you have this or do you have that’, we just want to eliminate that fear. My goal is to have an accessible place where girls will never feel worried about messing up their pants, or no one having the product they need. With every size, shape and color, I feel that we’ve truly attacked an issue and I hope that this idea continues to thrive throughout Pines Charter history long after the people who came up with the idea in the first place.” –Meakayla Ambroise (Senior, 2nd Vice President of SGA)


“[The feminine hygiene carts have] helped many girls who didn’t have products at home, aren’t able to access certain types of products, or just simply forgot them at home that day. There is still a huge stigma around periods and period talk so I’m hoping that these carts will help to alleviate some of that.” –Olivia Sinclair (Sophomore, 3rd Vice President of SGA)


“The [feminine hygiene carts] definitely make getting through the school day much easier and knowing that [they’re] there when you might need it is very reassuring.” –Devadarshini Dhandapani (Junior)


“I feel like it’s a good thing to see our school supporting women with these feminine hygiene carts. It shows that they’re appreciated.” –Austin Fenn (Junior)


“I think it’s important for Charter to have these [feminine hygiene] carts because they’re perfect for emergencies! It also provides a safe alternative for… girls who can’t restock in time.” –Allison Montesdeoca (Sophomore)


“I think it’s really nice that [SGA] is adding feminine [hygiene] carts because… a lot of girls need it. I think it’s important because not everyone can afford the products. It’s nice.” –Ashlyn Shalet (Freshman)


“Some people don’t have… the money to buy [period products] so if we have them at school, it’s better. And I always forget to bring, like, extra ones and I’m always asking my friends, so it’s always good to have [the feminine hygiene carts].” –Giada Porven (Freshman)


   While it’s only Pines Charter’s second year with the menstrual hygiene carts, they’re bound to leave a lasting impact. Be on the lookout for the carts as they take their places in bathrooms during the upcoming weeks!