What Goes On Behind The Camera?

Lindsey Smith, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Among the wide array of clubs featured at PPCHS, one in particular allows students to channel their creative energy into something meaningful and impactful. It’s targeted audience: aspiring and amateur photographers. 

   Meet the photography club! Its main goal serves to inspire the future generation of artists behind the camera. Founded and created by Julia Lobodzinski and Sofia Kardash, the club allows students to push the boundaries of art and experiment with new mediums. “I created this club to give aspiring photographers at the school a foundation to learn upon and a chance to experiment with photography. I want to build a creative space for all students to strengthen their skills or begin learning photography basics” said junior and Club President Julia Lobodzinski. 

   For some, photography is an escape; it’s a peaceful moment between setting up the camera and pressing the “click”. Yet, busy schedules often prevent people from ever experiencing that moment. Junior and treasurer of the club, Devadarshini Dhandapani expressed her own struggle with finding time for the art form, “I’ve always loved photography but due to my schedule I have never been able to take a photography class at school. Having a photography club in school allows students like me to have a space where we can all meet up and learn about it.”

  Through local and national competitions, the club allows students to test their comfort zones. With a variety of different lessons per meeting geared towards learning about the camera and its different settings and features, the main goal is to make students comfortable with using their cameras. With complicated settings like the adjustment of aperture and shutter speed, each lesson goes in depth on each process while using simplified definitions and explanations.

   Whether students are new or familiar with photography, the new club is a space where students can learn the fundamentals of photography, improve their photo-taking techniques, and perfect the manual-mode setting. Although busy schedules can prevent many interests and aspirations from ever taking shape, the photography club ensures that time is just a number, and no number can dictate the importance of art.