Best of October: Spooky & Scary Halloween Events

Samantha Miragliotta, Managing Editor

Once again, it’s that spooky time of the year again with pumpkins sprouting everywhere, haunted houses, sweets, and ghosts, ghouls, and goblins. At PPCHS jag’s are giving it their all for this spectacular season. October has officially arrived! The following below are remarks from students on their favorite Halloween events and seasonal activities. 

Question: What of the Halloween or October events have you participated in been your favorite, and why? ”

“The Boo Grams hosted by Class of 2024 was so much fun! I received one from my friend. It was so cute to read her message.” – Sophmore Leah Miragliotta


“The Key Club Candy Drive was amazing! I think it is very beneficial to our society because it helps those in need and those who serve our country. Its for a great cause and I really enjoyed donating my bags of candy it was a fulfilling opportunity and expierence.” – Junior Samntha Cayouette


“One of my favorite events of October has to be the Boo Grams the class of 2024 sponsored because it was really fun receiving one from friends. The messages were all very thoughtful and were presented with lots of Halloween spirit!” -Senior Martin Garcia


“My favorite event of the season has to be the Relay for Life Pink Sticky Notes because it was an event very near and close to my heart. I’ve had family members that have been impacted by Breast Cancer. I think it’s great that more awareness has been shown light on the topic.” – Junior Sarah Schnell


“My favorite Halloween Event was the Boo Gram I sent to my friend. It was really rewarding to see my friend’s face when they received it.” – Senior Branden Vasquez 


I really enjoyed the pink out game, the vibes were great! It was also senior night so it was nice to see the parents be there for their kids and supporting them along with the school. The pink out was also nice because we were bringing awareness to a good cause, breast cancer. In the end we won so that’s great!– Junior Carlos Montesdeoca 


The His House candy drive was an amazing experience! I donated about 3 bags of candy, while supporting a great cause and earning my NHS points! It was amazing to see how many members came out to support the event and how many candy bags were donated by the end.” – Senior Connor Pierce 


“My favorite event in Key Club for October was decorating posters. It was a lot of fun and was for a great cause for breast cancer awarenesss. We were able to put a fun twist on it and in the process have a great time.” – Senior Christian Manuel