Time to Rally Up!

Brielle Gari and Mackenzi Charles

   As the students entered the new and improved gym, the seniors immediately got flashbacks from their freshman year pep rally. But will this be the same, or will it be different? It’s been two years since PPCHS’s last “normal” pep rally, as COVID precautions relocated the event to the football stadium instead of the gym last year. Expectations were set high for this year’s fall pep rally and its performances, ranging from Latin Dance to Cheer, and much more. 

   With emotions ranging from stage fright to excitement, the performers paced in anticipation. The band welcomed the jags to the pep rally with a powerful performance, and once everybody was seated, the gym was greeted with patriotic vocals from junior Sebi Reyes-Farinas singing the national anthem as the Military Leadership club held the American flag. “Personally, I felt that performing the national anthem was such a huge honor! I felt like it was a great way to begin the pep rally and bring the student body together! Honestly, performing in front of your peers, especially people you’ve known for basically your whole life, is probably one of the scariest things ever but I feel like with a little faith, trust, and practice, I was able to overcome those fears,” says Sebi. 

    The entrance of the fall season athletes marked the official start of the pep rally, with teams including Swim, Cross Country, Girls Volleyball, and Football ripping into the gym as they earned deafening cheers from the stands.  The Junior Varsity Cheer team followed the entrances with energetic performances, as they hyped up the crowd with loud chants and dances, setting the scene of a real “P-A-R-T-Y”. “SGA did a great job getting everything ready for us,” says sophomore and varsity cheerleader Molly Touhy. For a quick break, SGA set up tug-a-war between students and administrators, in which the students demonstrated a swift victory. 

   Next, it was time for the Varsity Cheer team to give their big performance, and, judging by the sound of the crowd, it was definitely electric. Senior and captain of the Varsity Cheer squad Savannah Francis characterized her last pep rally as a bittersweet moment, but also expressed high hopes for the future: “I have very high expectations for [the cheer team] but I’m so proud. [We] worked really hard creating that whole routine. Also, the girls went through very long and hard practice so I’m very proud of them overall.”

   For a change of pace, the Latin Dance team prepared to show out, which they did indeed. “For my first time performing and going to a pep rally in general, I had a lot of fun dancing. I was nervous at first with everyone watching, but once I started dancing I just let myself get loose. Everyone being excited in the audience made me feel comfortable,” explains sophomore Fabiana Roca. Continuing with a touch of culture, PPCHS’s very own Bollywood Dance Team blew the student sections away with uplifting music and flashy moves.

   Although every performance was met with stunning applause, it was time for a show stopping watch. The very second the Fashion Club’s entrance was announced, the crowd went wild. Strutting across the gym, Fashion Club members commanded the crowd, showcasing a mix of fashion corresponding with the beauty of the pep rally’s theme: A Night In Greece. With the theme of this year’s pep rally, Fashion Club did not hold back with their performance: “I loved pep rally. It was honestly everything we had hoped for, [and everything] worked out in the end… every quick change or quick task…every walk came out better than expected,” says sophomore Mckenna Gregory.

   To end off this year’s pep rally, it was time for the Dance Team to showcase their outstanding talents. The crowd erupted with screams and smiles all around, welcoming the team to the floor. From the choreography, to the outfits, to the music, the performance filled the entire gymnasium with festive cheer and almost-deafening screams. As students and staff exited the gym, the band played a catchy rhythm, leaving everyone wanting more. With its fun, energetic, and vibrant performances, the pep rally brought jags together, as one, and ensured that the first quarter went out with a bang.