The Committed Ones: Megan Rasmussen

Marko Barrera, Managing Editor

  How far should one go to achieve their childhood dreams, literally and metaphorically speaking? With almost thirty D1 colleges in California, the chances of playing softball at this level are statistically better off playing completely away from the Southeast. It can feel like the only two choices would be to leave home and play at a higher level, or stay home and play lower. Senior Megan Rasmussen was able to beat these odds, continuing her athletic and academic career at Jacksonville State University, one of only ten D1 colleges in the neighboring state of Alabama. Becoming a step closer to reaching her dreams is a major accomplishment, but she’s been ready for this moment since the first time she stepped on the field. 

   At age 3, Megan already had a clue of what she wanted to do when she grew up: sports. She wasn’t old enough to settle on one, but she felt the need to always be doing something athletic. “Whether it was soccer, basketball, swimming, football, or whatever sport,” she said, “I always considered myself a multi-sport athlete.” Over time, she felt herself sway towards the diamond rather than a court or soccer field. 

   She decided to commit not only to the sport early on, but she also knew she wanted to go as far as she can in softball. She has had the same goal in mind for all her life: to play competitive softball at the highest collegiate level. Ever since then, she never looked back. Practicing on weekends, doing individual training, working out, Megan did whatever she needed to do to inch closer and closer to her goals. Once she reached high school, her love for the game did nothing but grow, especially when it was needed.

   Playing at the varsity level for the Jaguars pushed Megan to keep improving each year. She showed early signs of talent making the team her freshman year as an outfielder. She helped the Lady Jags improve as a team, helping them reach the playoffs in every year she has played. In the 2021 season, they became the class 5A District Champions. Megan picked up a couple milestones herself, making the 2022 Sun Sentinel All-County First Team, as well as the 2022 Miami Herald All-County First Team. 

   It was the offseason afterwards that put Megan to the test. Turning from an underclassman to a senior means many things, but mostly college applications. For student athletes, it means that as well as the recruiting process. This additional stress produced obstacles for her that made it difficult to keep the same level of love for softball she always had. “Even though there were bumps in the road during my recruiting process,” she stated, “I always stuck to my goals and continued to work hard.” It all worked out, as she was able to finally reach her goal.

   On August 12, 2022, Megan announced her official commitment to play college ball at Jacksonville State University, reaching the D1 level. Although the school was on her list along with other top schools she wanted to play at, her visit to Jax State played a big role. “The day I went on my visit, I knew that there was something special about the school,” she said, “I loved the family lifestyle that the softball program provides for their players.” As this school is in a neighboring state, she isn’t too far from home either, especially compared to being on the west coast playing in California.

   With her final season approaching this spring, Megan and the Lady Jags are hungry to make it back to the state championships and make it back to Pines with some hardware in their hands.