[GALLERY] Spirit Week: Day 2 – Twinnem Tuesday 

“The Most Iconic Day of Spirit Week For Sure”

Daniel Morrison, Copy Editor

   Another set of Spidermans from yesterday’s Meme Day darted across the breezeway, stealing the eyes of everyone around them. But that attention was soon relinquished to the towering, terrifying T-Rexes that created a roaring start to the second day of Spirit Week. Though Twinnem Daya.k.a. Twin Day a.k.a Duo Dayhas made its second appearance in a row, it has become somewhat of a traditional theme for Charter that gets a little better each year. Some even go as far as deeming it “the most iconic day of spirit week”. Why? Because,

“Not only were my expectations pretty high, but they were all met as well. I had a few things in mind such as my performance during lunch and my outfit for the day and they both went smoothly. My outfit was pretty basic but comfortable, as it was a black shirt and plaid pants. I was twinning with my girlfriend, Katherine, and our outfits looked and felt great. Twinnem Tuesday was definitely a success. I had a lot of fun doing my performance with my friend, Manny, and I hope Heroes vs Villains tomorrow is just as successful.” -Jalen Vaughan (junior, Lip Sync Battle winner)


“I definitely knew I was going to see some creative and interesting outfits at our school, so I can say my expectations were met 100%. I was so excited to see what my friends had to say and what I would see other people dressing up as! I twinned with my friend, Marina Conklin. We coincidentally happened to have the same shirt in our closets, so we were able to wear the same top with black shorts and our Blazers. My favorite twins were probably the Gatorade bottles (the cross country team). The coordinating shirts and the bright orange beanies were such a genius idea and I enjoyed seeing them around campus! The most iconic day of spirit week for sure.” -Isabella Laverde (sophomore)


“Of course I was excited for Twinnem Tuesday. I kind of sold on Meme Monday, so I had to go off today. I twinned with Alex Champagne AKA big AC. Our outfits were baggy jeans, white Forces, a BB belt, and an oversized t-shirt that said ‘my son’—a little inside joke. We were my favorite twins for sure, but the dinosaurs were kind of funny.” -Steven Fitz-Henley (senior, MC of Lip Sync Battle)


 “I was worried that no one would dress up, but it was pretty good. My outfit was Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. My twin was Paul Allen, the guy I killed in the movie. IT WAS SO FUN so yeah it was successful.” -Agatha Rivero (junior)


“I knew it was going to be a good day. I was an inflatable dinosaur (the brown one), but my favorite twins were the Publix workers because I’m a Publix worker as well and it was pretty funny.” -Jack Taylor (freshman, the brown dinosaur)


“I was excited for today. I did expect people to go big and stuff, but I didn’t expect people to go with such crazy ideas, like the person with an inflatable dinosaur costume—I loved that man for what he did; that is incredible. I twinned with Valeria [Mesa], and we were basically representing Colombia. We were wearing a Colombian soccer jersey and then the hat which is the sombrero vueltiao (turned hat). My favorites, I would say, are either the people who were the inflatable dinosaurs because that was just amazing, but [also] I saw some people dressed up as the Money Heist [outfits], and I just love that show.” -Valerie Glen (junior)