Disney Classics Reimagined 

Isabella Cely-Garcia, Staff Writer


   When you think of your favorite childhood movie, chances are you think of a Disney movie. The heartwarming films that the Disney franchise has introduced to many generations past have by now cemented themselves as classics. However, the company has been looking to delight a new generation of kids, announcing this week that they plan to roll out remakes and sequels to many of their very best movies! The most anticipated releases include a sequel to Enchanted, named Disenchanted, a sequel to Inside Out, as well as Hocus Pocus, and a live action version of The Little Mermaid

    The news of the coming releases has been the center of much discussion on social media and among students at school. The buzz that the announcement has begun is undeniable. Sophomore Mia Wynn expresses how excited she is about one of the upcoming movies in particular. “I can’t wait to see Hocus Pocus 2, I love the original.” Junior Mario Idiarte is equally excited for another, saying, “I’m most excited for Inside Out 2! Inside Out is one of my favorite movies.” Fellow junior, Anthony Rodriguez, has to agree. “I really liked Inside Out, so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the sequel,” he explains.

   Whenever remakes of Disney movies come out, it only makes sense that the classics are brought into the discussion as well. Many are taking this opportunity to reminisce on their favorite childhood Disney classics. “Growing up my favorite movie was the Fox and the Hound,” Mario shares. “I would watch it over and over for hours everyday.” Other Disney favorites thrown into the ring include the likes of Mulan, Tangled, and even The Avengers.

   The trend of remaking and creating sequels for old blockbuster movies isn’t a phenomenon reserved just to Disney. This pattern can be seen throughout the entirety of the current-day film industry. This trend has stirred up some mixed feelings, with our own students at Pines Charter having different views on it. Senior Leanna Brereton says, “I think it’s great and [Disney] should keep it up.” Junior Mario Idiarte shares this view: “I think it’s a fun way to bring recognition to these iconic movies from our childhood.” However, not everyone feels this way. While Sophomore Mia Wynn is excited for Hocus Pocus 2, she isn’t a big fan of all the remakes out in theaters today. “I’m not really into the new movies, since it’s the same story. But I guess I like seeing the new concepts,” she admits. Anthony Rodriguez finds himself in the same position. “I don’t like it,” he says assertively. “I think it’s just terrible.” 

   Regardless, these upcoming movies will surely spark animated conversation among students at PPCHS, as well as young people around the country. As theaters begin to fill up again post pandemic, perhaps these new sequels and remakes will become childhood staples for the next generation of children.