“Ms. G”:  How PPCHS Substitute Became a Best-Selling Author in Under 24 Hours


Valerie Questell

Hilda Alvarado, or now famously, “Ms. G”, displays three of her written books. But nudged between La Cortesía and its English version, Courtesy, is Soy la que sería Se, Ms. G’s new best seller that explores her search for her true self and the meaning of life.

Valerie Questell, News Editor

   No Soy la que creía Ser translates to “I am not who I think I was.” This may be the headline of her novel, but it certainly isn’t the ending.

   Pines Charter substitute and local church pastor Hilda Alvarado couldn’t have been happier. When she received the notification of her book exceeding the best-seller requirement, she dropped to her knees, praying and recollecting the 12 years of dedication and patience that went into perfecting and publishing her 2 other books that have yet to receive an honor like this. 

   Her latest book, No Soy la que sería Ser, reached its target audience within 24 hours of publishing on Amazon, and received immense support from PPCHS and PPCMS students and staff. “Ms. G” is known all around campus for her motivational speeches, unification of her students, and most importantly, spreading her message: “You are all worthy of changing the world. You are the future.”

   Just the day prior to the big news, she was substituting for Ms. Ciafre’s 3rd period AICE Spanish class. She gives a speech that fills the class’s eyes with tears, and at the end of it, she mentions her book that—little did she know—would become a best-seller in only 24 hours. AICE Spanish student and junior Sophia Becceril-Diaz describes the moment as heart-throbbing and emotional. “Grandma G came to my ASL class last year. After her first speech in each class, everyone just simultaneously ‘adopts’ her as a grandmother,” Sophia reminisces. “When she had told my 3rd period about her book, everyone immediately knew what they had to do. We supported her and left comments under the newly released book. We knew that it would get the recognition it deserved. We love Ms. G.” 

   Ms. G writes to assist her inner doubts, while simultaneously helping others believe they can achieve anything that they put their minds to. She shares her story on the dedication that went into her last 2 books, Courtesy and La Cortesia; which she wrote over a span of 12 years. However, there was something about her most recent book that immediately received recognition, which she never thought was achievable. 

   “When I was 40 years old, I often questioned: why am I here? What do I have to contribute to the world?” Ms. G begins to say emotionally. 

   She writes about faith, trials and tribulations, and acceptance of her given circumstances. In terms of her hopes with this book, she hopes to not only teach life lessons, but to also make it available in Spanish and English, so that even her non-Spanish speaking audience can get a glimpse of her work. 

   “I am planning on continuing writing, regardless of the long journey. I love to teach others the beauty of writing–in hopes that my student[s] could also become a best-seller.”

   Ms. G also works towards entering her books in more contests and recognitional opportunities, such as the “Mujeres Dreams Boss” event, where she met more than 150 female authors from around the world. “It was an inspiration,” recalls Alvarado. “I met the most beautiful people who were willing to help with my language barrier and even technological advantages, such as the trailer for my most recent book.”

   Now, on the front page of her book, she expands on the title with the statement “Soy más que mis pensamientos limitados,” which translates to “I am more than my unlimited beliefs.” 

   Now available on Kindle and paperback, here is the link for No Soy la que creía Ser, which will also be available in English later this year.