NHS Discovers Peace at PPCHS


Donated by: Samantha Miragliotta

Isabella Cely-Garcia, Staff Writer

   A goal on every world leader’s agenda, securing peace for all, has always been a quest many hope to achieve. But actually reaching said goal is a very difficult process, and peace can take many different forms. Closer to home, Pembroke Pines Charter High School’s chapter of the National Honor Society celebrated Peace Across Broward during this year’s Peace Week.                          

   Before talking about peace, you first have to be able to define it. The concept can look different for everyone. For some, it might mean the eradication of war or violence. For others, satisfaction with your life and relationships might come to mind first. Senior and NHS member Jailyn Joseph has her own definition of peace. “It’s a state where one has the proper relationships with themselves and others— it’s when one feels content regardless of what life throws their way,” she claims. Junior and NHS member Valerie Glen describes it a little differently, saying, “Peace means to me a sense of harmony and tranquility. A moment in time where there’s no arguing and everyone works collectively.” 

   Through a variety of activities, NHS members were able to express their commitment and support to the cause. Earlier in the week, the club had its members create kindness cards. “My favorite part of Peace Week has been how everyone is being kind to one another and attempting to make amends with whatever issues they have prevalent in their lives. When we made kindness cards, I felt like this was a perfect way of achieving this goal,” Valerie explained, revealing what the club hopes to achieve with this activity. 

   Later in the week, members demonstrated their support for Peace Week by wearing green to school. “Green represents hope, peace, and our attempts to display the positive in our school and community,” a statement released by the club explains. All day, students could find NHS members in green throughout the halls, reminding them of the importance of Peace Week.

   As the week came to a close, Jailyn reflected on how she impacted her school environment for the better, saying thoughtfully, “I hope my participation in Peace Week means that my peers can love each other a little more!” NHS can only hope they achieved their goals, even if that means just one person’s day was made a little bit better.