How You Like Them Apple(s): What the iOS 16 Update Has to Offer


Francesca Galvez

A student reveals her revamped lock screen after Apple’s iOS 16 update. iOS 16 offered a whole bunch of new features, however students were most fond of the ability to customize the lock screen, having the weather, battery life, and album art (to name a few) uniquely displayed.

Kara Warren, Clubs Editor

The excruciating wait for Apple’s new iOS update gets worse and worse each year. For some, the breakdowns of their products seem to worsen the quality of pictures, texts, and anything else you might need. Fortunately, every September, Apple creates new updates based on the latest drop. And this year, Pines Charter students have more to share about them than ever before! 


  • Freshman Eva-Sofia Hanson: “My absolute favorite feature is how what you’re listening to on Spotify can show the album art on your entire lock screen. Even though I heard your battery dies a lot faster, the customization for your wallpaper is so cool.”
  • Freshman Juliette Othon: “Once I heard that there was an update, I downloaded it on my phone. It’s super old, so I’m willing to do anything to make it not [appear] as old as it really is. Shuffling my wallpapers is definitely my favorite part. Facetime also looks so much clearer without the gray bar at the top of the screen. 10/10 update and I can’t wait to see what they add next!”
  • Sophomore Mia Wynn: “I updated my phone immediately, even though it’s one of the newer versions. My absolute favorite feature is [the] new lock screen because you’re able to fully customize it. I have multiple that I can easily change it to depending on who’s around or where I am, which was pretty difficult to get around before. None of the latest features are ‘bad’, so I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out.”
  • Junior Casey Ameerally: “I haven’t downloaded the update yet and I’m not really interested in it right now. It takes up a lot of storage that I don’t want to use up, and I heard it reduces battery life a whole lot faster. I think I’m better off saving my iPhone X without it at all.”
  • Junior Oswaldo Yanez: “The new iOS16 [update] is super innovative and I’ve completely changed the way I use my phone because of it. It’s a lot more comfortable and personalized to what I want to see. There aren’t too many disadvantages to the update other than it taking up storage, which can be brutal for older phones.”
  • Senior Kathia Jaramillo: “Personally, I haven’t updated my phone but I’ve heard a lot about the customization features on it. The more updates Apple gives us, the more it feels like they’re running out of ideas. So, I don’t even know if it’s worth the storage it takes up.”


   At the end of the day, Apple seems to come in clutch with each new update they create. Whether it benefits you or not, it seems to give those older iPhones a taste of what else the company has to offer.