Safety in the Hands of Technology: Charter’s Implemented Security Gadgets 

Valerie Questell, News Editor

   To start off the new year at PPCHS, remarkable additions have been made to not only ensure safety, but to also provide a more convenient and technological face to Charter. The new PPCHS administrator, Mr. Capiro, shares insightful information to support these newly enforced projects. 

Improved Door-Locks and Digital Key Cards

   At Charter, we are in with the new and out with the old: say goodbye to the traditional lock and key. With just the tap of a key card, the lock mechanism clicks open. 

   Mr. Capiro has been the head of all newly placed accessibilities. “It’s a system,” Capiro stated. “The city controls the doors with a system that keeps the doors open during the switching of classes, and ensures that they close right when the bell rings.” 

   In addition to these futuristic locks, students will use new key cards for bathrooms and for entrance into corresponding buildings. “Students will not have their own key cards; they are simply only used as hall passes,” Capiro said. “However, every classroom will have their own cards for their building.”  Even so, teachers will have their own key cards that allow them to technologically open their classroom doors as well as other classrooms. 

   Junior Andres Vilanova, who has been taking technology classes all throughout high school, explains that this new technology will not only benefit Charter but can also lead to much larger ideas and mechanisms. “This is just the beginning,” Vilanova exclaimed. “The future is here and I’m amazed that our school is contributing to this new age. The new technological placements are going to be a lifesaver and not to mention, pretty convenient for authority officials.” 

Safer Alarm System 

   With just the press of a button, a lockdown alarm sounded in all parts of the campus. The only difference this year? This button has been covered by a glass case, showing the severity of this new mechanism. “All of the administration and first responders are aware of any emergencies” Capiro clarified. Given that this button is connected to almost every necessary outlet for safety, this newly placed mechanism will not permit any potential danger and ensure the protection of PPCHS students and administration.