The Wonderful World of Marketing

Brielle Gari , Staff Writer

   The world of marketing can be difficult, whether it’s forming budgets, delivering products, or creating attractive advertisements that guarantee enormous profits. In order to give interested students a chance to learn more about the marketing field and entrepreneurship, Pembroke Pines Charter High School is introducing a brand new school shop called “Jag Shack” sponsored by our very own DECA club. Jag Shack is going to be a school store that will sell various amounts of jaguar swag like t-shirts, crewnecks, quarter zips, and much more.

   For over 70 years, DECA has been established in schools all around the globe. The focus of the club is to showcase students’ knowledge and passion for the business world through competitions against other schools at district, regional, state, and even international levels. This will be the first year that PPCHS has its own DECA Club, but what will they be doing for our high school students?

   DECA is an international association composed of high school students and teachers of marketing & business management. It goes in-depth on entrepreneurship in business, finance, hospitality, marketing, sales, and service. Senior Kathia Jaramillo is president of DECA club and has expressed her passion for the world of business and entrepreneurship during the past few years. “My mom started her own business,” she explains, “…which has been the biggest inspiration and motivation for me to pursue this area of interest.”

   Even though this PPCHS marketing club is newly-founded, it’s already made great impressions on its members. Since this club is business-oriented, there are opportunities for them to compete in various events. Being a part of DECA can even guarantee that its members will have plenty of volunteer opportunities, internships, and even prestigious scholarships.

   After having many classes that discuss business-oriented skills, PPCHS has finally decided to expand them into its own club. The founding club sponsor Ms. Ferrer states, “I have taken the lead in order to finally establish it.” When being asked how this new club will help our students, she expresses that it would “prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, business, finance, hospitality, and management.”

   Now that Charter students have been exposed to the world of business, there’s a lot to come in the future world of DECA! Stay involved for all new events and for all they have in store—be ready, especially for the grand opening of PPCHS’s very first “Jag Shack”!