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Bringing love in their photos one last time: The CHAT’s Senior Digital Editors

Evan Omana

Passing down their duties, the senior digital editors in the CHAT brought passion into their work by aiding their staff in their assignments and making digital their favorite class to enter. They brought love into everything they did in order for the CHAT’s 2023-2024 digital class to have a successful year. Every single person in the digital class had something to offer for the CHAT, but the senior editors poured their heart and soul into making their last year the very best. 

Assisting digital’s Editor-in-Chief, Sophia Lopez, was Photo and Co-managing Editor, Lindsey Smith. Smith was both a writer and helped the photography team in her sophomore year. When applying for her position her senior year, she found love for “both photos and writing stories, so managing/photo editor seemed like the best bridge.” Lindsey aided the photography team, and her favorite part of it all was teaching her staff how to produce their best quality work. “Whether that’s me standing behind them shouting tips and making sure they are implementing their voice as much as the subject’s voice… The teaching has really allowed me to not only help others improve their skills, but it honestly helped me improve [my work] as well,” Lindsey describes.

Leaving her mark on the CHAT’s digital team, she offers the upcoming editors advice as they now hold the torch of responsibilities. “Being an editor means that you can’t always get credit for your ideas, have enough confidence in yourself to understand that you are a vital part of the process, and to improve the quality of the newspaper, with or without your praise,” Lindsey ends off with. With that, Lindsey retires her camera in the CHAT’s digital team.

With a new position being presented in the digital team, Rocco Mendez took on the role of video editor for his senior year. With this year being his second year in the CHAT newspaper, he “wanted to be video editor as it was something we did not have, it was something new to try out.” Videos were important to bring the CHAT to greater heights and expand the ways the staff could spread news inside and outside of PPCHS. “I helped the section a lot on offering ideas and trying to make a plan to execute the steps to make the video.”

Mendez mentions how time management is key to being an editor, so the staff will produce the best quality work with their videos and give themselves enough time to publish their project. Mendez is passing down his camera to the next video editor, and with such tedious work, he reminds them to “stay on top of it and step up to date with everything. Be good with your time to get the most out of your work.” With his graduation cap in hand, he keeps his mark on PPCHS for years to come as this year’s video editor.

And finally, bringing creative and enjoyable ideas to the CHAT’s social media, Gigi Romero lived her teenage life on social media and brought her ideas into a beautiful reality. All the videos surfacing TikTok and Instagram were enjoyed by all of PPCHS’ students, and Romero “was able to showcase all [her] ideas and experience, I was beyond excited to begin helping the CHAT grow socially.” Romero brought innovative ideas that encouraged students to join in on the fun as well. The moment the slot opened for being the social media editor, Romero saw the light of the opportunity and was able to shine her ideas into the spotlight, which brought social media to greater heights.

Passing down the spotlight to the next social media editor, Romero advises to have an open mind since flexibility is a major obstacle in the social aspect. “Sometimes it’s going to be hard but in a section where flexibility is most needed, our editors are going to need to be open-minded,” Romero explains. As the new editors take over their new positions, having an open mind will allow them to continue learning about their new roles and soon will be able to produce quality content for their section.

Every digital newspaper editor brought something special to the team and all left their mark on the 2023-2024 CHAT digital team. Leaving their wisdom behind for the next staff members and editors who will be preparing to take on their roles. While they toss their graduation caps in the air, they remember the fun times that the CHAT brought them in their years of high school.

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Jocelyn Roldan
Jocelyn Roldan, Business Manager
Hello there! My name is Jocelyn Roldan and I’m in 10th grade. This is my first year writing in the CHAT newspaper and managing the class as the Business Manager. I enjoy writing, crocheting, drawing, and playing volleyball! My own excitement is through the roof to have this opportunity in writing in the school newspaper, I can’t wait! If you have any questions with me, please email me at [email protected]. I can’t wait to channel my creativity in wondrous words and let’s have an amazing year!
Evan Omana
Evan Omana, Graphics Editor
Hello, my name is Evan Omana! I'm currently a sophomore and this is my first year in the CHAT. This year I'll be the Graphics Editor. I like making art from photoshop, doing Krav Maga martial arts and playing guitar. I'm hoping to have the best year possible! If you ever need anything from me contact [email protected] or just say hi when you see me around!

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