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Sweet Treats by Julie

Daniel Morrison: The one to leave an everlasting legacy on the CHAT Newspaper

In 2021, a new group of freshmen packed the Charter hallways and entered into classes that may direct them to wherever their future takes them. For Daniel Morrison, being in Journalism 1 with Mr Fagen was not intentional, but he chose to embrace this new journey and see it for what it could be. Little did Daniel know that he would be part of the leaders that would bring the CHAT Newspaper to the best it has been. 

Speaking of Journalism 1, Morrison had no clue that while transitioning into high school he would take an interest in journalism. When given the opportunity to select his classes for his first year in high school, Morrison knew he liked writing, but never thought of taking a journalism class to be his first option. However, the next couple of years would open his eyes to a different version of himself.

“During my sophomore and junior years, I realized I’m pretty decent at this…” comments Morrison while reflecting on the moments he realized that he had a future and was interested in writing. Although he was one of the first people from his class to transition into newspapers, the pressure was beginning to catch up to Morrison. However, it was his outlook on the situation that turned a high-pressure environment into a learning environment. “…but, I was in a class with a lot of competitive people and it drove me to aim for the highest.” 

Flash forward to the end of his junior year, Morrison was given the position of becoming the co-managing editor for his senior year. With this position playing such a vital role in the success of the class and newspaper in general, a new weight was now added to his shoulders. Yet again, with Morrison’s perseverance and determination that shined through his character, Morrison took his role and impacted the class in ways that hadn’t been done before.

Alongside co-managing editor, Kara Warren, and editor in chief, Valerie Questell,  the trio came together and strengthened their friendship through empowering not only themselves, but other writers in the newspaper. While reminiscing on the bond, Morrison elaborates that “It has strengthened our bonds because we’ve had our ups and downs. But, at the end of the day, it’s all love.” With this tight knit trio, the CHAT Newspaper flourished in ways that were unimaginable.

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It has strengthened our bonds because we’ve had our ups and downs. But, at the end of the day, it’s all love.

— Daniel Morrison

With over 100 awards and winning the honor of becoming the #1 online newspaper, the CHAT was now transformed into a different type and level of newspaper. This was all thanks to the incredible work from all 3 editors. 

For Morrison specifically, the kindness that radiated from him and the amount of support poured from him onto his fellow staff writers and editors, it was no surprise that the CHAT Newspaper was graced with these honors and awards. As well as leading the class, Daniel Morrison has allowed underclassmen to be inspired and learn from him and his leadership. But, throughout this entire experience, being in the newspaper has also changed Morrison in ways he would not have thought.

“Just talking to people at my school made me so nervous. Now, just interviewing and writing stories has taken me out of my shell. I also learned to raise my voice and to gain people’s attention, you have to be loud sometimes.” explains Daniel Morrison. Through all these lessons and experiences from the newspaper alone, Morrison goes along to a new chapter in his life and continues to grow his love of writing. 

With the 2023-2024 school year coming to an end, Daniel Morrison takes his talents and kind character to UCF (University of Central Florida) to study and major in creative writing. Although Morrison is leaving Charter, students and the writers in the newspaper will never forget Morrison’s kindness, determination, and ability to turn writers into the best they can be while only doing the best himself as well. And for that, the CHAT Newspaper will always thank him. 

Sweet Treats by Julie
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