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The end of an era: Remembering The CHAT Senior Editors

Evan Omana

Marissa Levinson

Levinson was once just a middle schooler at Academic Village, but now she’s entered her final days as a senior, ready to take on the future. Levinson expressed how having her freshman year online due to the COVID-19 pandemic made high school feel like only three years, however this only made her senior year more special. Marissa explained how joining the newspaper in her sophomore year allowed for growth in her writing skills, as well as learning valuable lessons. 

She expressed how, “Going from being the person that is learning from the teachers and the editors to becoming an editor, was definitely a transition in my senior year that I had to adjust to.” Levinson explained how she often had to “dip my toes into different aspects of the newspaper to see what I like most.” This led to the emergence of Levinson’s passion for the Arts and Entertainment industry. 

Now, Levinson will utilize the lessons she’s learned through newspaper class, in college to pursue communications in journalism at the University of Miami. 


Isabella Cely-Garcia

In Garcia’s freshman year, she joined the journalism class, unaware of the future that it would hold for her. Going through multiple transitions during her high school career, Garcia switched to yearbook during her sophomore year, then transferred to the newspaper class for her final two years of high school. Now Garcia is preparing to take on college, pursuing journalism at the University of Miami.

When joining the newspaper, Garcia had to learn how to write more “accessible” stories to readers in alternative to a formulaic style. She explained how, “As a writer, I’ve learned how to make my stories more personal and in depth especially when interviewing and asking the questions that get the good answers.” She also feels that being in the newspaper has allowed for her to evolve as a person, and build maturity. 

Garcia plans on using the skills she’s developed in the newspaper to “… travel the world so that I can find the stories that nobody hears about and cover those.” 


Iris Lee

Having been a part of the CHAT for four years, Iris Lee has been through a lengthy journey alongside the newspaper. She first cultivated her passion for writing in middle school. Iris expressed, “Going into high school, I always knew I wanted to write. I loved writing — I spent hours and hours in middle school writing little short stories, essays, etc. and I always knew it was something I was passionate about.” She began her adventure writing for The CHAT in her Freshman year of high school. Iris was one of the few Freshmen that were transferred from the Journalism 1 class to the Newspaper class. Utilizing her exceptional writing skills, she was able to take on the world of journalism by storm. Iris had a very enthusiastic personality that greatly impacted those around her. In an instant, she was able to light up the entire newsroom by simply entering the door. 

With her bubbly persona and ability to help others, being an editor came naturally to her. She was able to convey her thoughts easily and effectively to help those around her. Especially with the arrival of newer writers, she was able to swiftly come to their aid. One of Iris’s many talents was her creativity. Whenever someone was finished writing their story, and couldn’t come up with a clever title, Iris always had a witty pun ready.

Iris also had a natural talent for writing. Her thoughts and ideas flowed almost effortlessly from her head into the article that she was working on. Reflecting on her time spent as a part of the newspaper, Iris comments, “I’m so grateful I had the opportunity not only to be a writer, but an editor, and it’ll definitely be something I miss after graduation!”


Rebekah Barrera

Rebekah Barrera has been one of the many writers for The CHAT for three years. Describing Rebekah as dedicated would be an understatement. She was hard-working, organized, devoted, committed, and especially a remarkable writer. Through her writing, she was able to easily capture the essence of the story, and convey her message. She was also very helpful when the new writers entered the class, she was welcoming and provided everyone with tips, and words of advice. Through her years in the newspaper, she continued to display these attributes without any error. 

Rebekah is the last of the Barrera Clan to have gone through The CHAT. Funnily enough, her and her brothers, Marko and Paolo created a lineage of Student Life Editors. First, her oldest brother Paolo was the Student Life Editor, then Marko was given the title, and lastly, Rebekah held the position. Although Rebekah has a passion for STEM, writing also held a special place in her heart. Rebekah shared, “I loved being able to share my interests and passions through writing!” 

Rebekah’s work for Student Life this year was very honorable. She was given a very significant award during The CHAT and Yearbook’s annual end-of-year luncheon. Barrera was honored with the Best Section award for her amazing efforts in handling the Student Life section.

 From when she began her legacy in The CHAT her sophomore year, all the way to her senior year, Rebekah has made very long-lasting memories that will remain with her. “Leaving The CHAT is definitely one of the sadder parts of senior year, especially as I’ve grown used to the same classroom walls and people over the years. My time working for the CHAT was for sure an adventure. I’ve grown with the newspaper, experiencing both challenges and successes. I’m very thankful to have been part of such a warm family and to have always been welcomed into such a creative safe space.”



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