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Sweet Treats by Julie

Underrated music artists: Charter’s thoughts on who you should add to your playlist 

Listening to music is a euphoric feeling that brings joy and comfort to many, but, sometimes, putting on a new song once in a while is a fun way to experience something new. People can listen to other genres and learn more about different cultures, instruments, and beats. This can allow for smaller artists to grow, which not only do they gain more confidence in themselves, but also start to produce more music and gain more recognition. Over the past few years, small creators have had their music shone through social media sites, which has helped them achieve all of their dreams of being recognized.

To help get the rhythm going, Charter students recommend some of their favorite underrated music artists:


“The best song recommendation I can give would be ‘The Moon Will Sing’ by the Crane Wives. It is a really beautiful song, both lyrically and sound-wise, and I think a lot of people would enjoy it!”- Luna Santana, freshman 


“Sometimes, there are days that I could be stressed or angry but a certain underrated artist’s music might change the way I feel. It could be Sarah Kingsley, whose music brings me peace and gives me a calming joy, or Good Neighbors, whose song ‘Home’ makes me happy and makes my imagination spike. The emotions an artist pulls from you are what makes them unique. While it’s also their style, lyrics, rhythm, or tone, everyone mostly relates to the emotions that are evoked from the music.”- Amari Labadie, sophomore 


“The best song from Ay3demi is ‘Can You Be Mine.’ He is my favorite artist because his music inspires me when I am trying to carry out a relationship. The lyrics and the love I feel from listening to his songs tend to warm my heart. The reason why this is my favorite song is because it spoke to me, it said everything I wanted to say to the girl I had a crush on and inspired me to start writing my own songs.”- Gregory Francis, sophomore


“I have been a fan of JVKE for a while, and although he got a lot of recognition for his song ‘Golden Hour,’  I don’t really see his music over Instagram. I love his new music; it’s so melodic, and I think it’s different from a lot of the music that’s popular these days. He’s not underground by any means, but I do think he deserves a lot more recognition than he gets!”- Sofia Romero, junior 


“I believe that Sabrina Carpenter is very underrated. Her acting career makes people have a negative outlook on her music when she is ultimately a really good performer and artist. I really enjoy listening to her vibe of music!”- Jaelyn Perez, junior 


“I think an underrated music artist is unique because, even though they have a smaller fan base, those fans are usually all die-hard fans. An underrated artist may also share unique points of views that other mainstream artists don’t have. Some underrated artists also have the opportunity to grow big and become mainstream artists. An example of this would be Ken Carson. Back in 2018 when he dropped the song ‘Fold,’ he wasn’t known by many people, but now after dropping his album “A Great Chaos” in 2023, his music is very well known around the world.”- Ryan Romero, senior 

Sweet Treats by Julie
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