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The CHAT Chime In: Tuesday’s false alarm

Due to the lockdown false alarm that took place on April 9, 2024, the CHAT has come together in this “Chime in” to offer our peers the support needed during these unforeseen times. We are here to remind our PPCHS community of Pines Charter’s continuous commitment to providing students and staff with an environment that is safe for everyone. 

As administrations are reflecting on this event and trying to learn from the past, Ms. Velez sheds positive light on what she saw during what was a very scary situation for Charter students and the school as a whole. 

“This lockdown that took place was actually a great opportunity for us to see how our kids do join together regardless of whether you know each other or not. I saw some kids helping each other up, guiding each other, and in the midst of craziness and negativity, I just admire the way charter students just bring it together and collaborate together and move forward despite these challenges. We are very resilient.”Ms Velez, Assistant Principal

From peer to peer, the CHAT newspaper comes together to share a sense of clarity and union to the Charter family. 

“As the alarm went off on the overhead, I was slow to react, while I noticed my classmates rush to safety. In these situations, we have to be aware, and do anything needed to protect ourselves, and others. Thankfully, everyone in our room did their best to make this happen, and my co-managing editor, Daniel, especially inspires me to be careful and efficient in these circumstances!” –Kara Warren, Senior

“Thankfully everyone was okay and it wasn’t a real emergency. It’s unfortunate that scares like these happen, but it’s important to keep following protocol and promote peace and unity on campus while on the path to preventing future lockdowns.”Daniel Morrison, Senior

“I personally don’t think the code red response was as bad as it’s being made out to be. Every time that I’ve been inside a classroom during a code red, precautions went smoothly and efficiently. Under stressful situations like this, I think everyone has learned what their fight or flight response is, and the only thing we have left to do now is to learn from it!”Iris Lee, Senior

“Lockdowns are a major thing, but it’s uplifting and comforting to see when everyone immediately jumps into action. No matter how many lockdowns 

we experience, even if they’re false, I think it’s important that we always stay aware and prepared.” Rebekah Barrera, Senior

“I think the lockdown demonstrated that the staff and students at our school can come together and act rationally in a time of emergency, when panic is often the first instinct. While yesterday was a false alarm, everyone’s quick reactions to do as protocol enforces and as practiced in drills, proves we’re safer when we work together.” Marissa Levinson, Senior

“This lockdown has definitely been a scary yet eye-opening experience. It allows students to realize how important it is to spread kindness and have each other’s backs in a life threatening situation. Hopefully we can take this lockdown and become stronger as a school.” Alexia Rivera, Junior

“Even though this was a scary experience, it was definitely eye opening in terms of knowing what to do and how seriously we should take a scary situation like that. In times like these, it is important that we come together as a school and stand together.”Julianna Perez, Sophomore

“Although found in a scary situation, I am amazed at the immediate reaction we all had to barricade the door and hide to safety. In moments like these, it’s important to support each other as a team and that’s just what we did.” Janeyliz Baez, Sophomore

“Going through a code red can be scary, I mean you never know the outcome and whether or not it was a false alarm. Whether you ran to hide, helped in barricading the door, or rushed out of the school because you were in lunch, an important lesson to remember is however you reacted is perfectly OK. In these moments, everyone is there for each other and no one will judge you for having a tearful response.” Jocelyn Roldan, Sophomore

“I feel that as a school, we can learn from this experience today by always keeping up to date with what is going on around campus. Just being there for a person and letting the person take their time with their thoughts can create such a bigger impact. After all, Pines Charter is a family so it is important that we all stick together.”Marlee Jaworski, Sophomore

“As a community, I think we should talk about our feelings and what it means to us. Unfortunately, we live in a country where this is common, but if we can come together and act as a support system to each other, it could be beneficial to us. I appreciate that the school has an on-site therapist to help us; it makes all the difference!” Eri Fatimilehin, Sophomore

“From all of these lockdowns in the past, we can definitely use them as learning lessons for what to do each time. I know it’s very scary, but each time one happens we are able to practice what to do in the event that a real one does occur, like barricading the door or finding where to hide.” Caitlin Capiro, Sophomore

“I think an event like this just emphasizes how important it is for everyone to be prepared in dangerous situations. Hopefully, we’re all now better prepared and know what to do in case of a real lockdown.” Lizbeth Manoj, Sophomore

“I think what we can learn from this situation is how important a lockdown drill actually is and not to take this a joke no matter what because we need to be prepared in all scenarios. These lockdowns help unite us as a school because all the students and staff support and help each other and talk about these situations so that everyone feels safe.” Areeba Haq, Sophomore

“Although the lockdown was scary to many, it allowed us to come together and overall just be there for each other! During a time of disaster, it’s natural to seek comfort in our peers. This goes to show that although we may be scared, we all have each other to hold on to.” Lian Lee, Sophomor

“In light of the recent code red, it’s important to remain vigilant and familiar with the emergency procedures and take it with the utmost seriousness. While code reds are scary, it presents an opportunity for our school community to rally together, offering support and solidarity. Let’s turn this scary moment into an opportunity to strengthen our bonds and make our school an even safer place for everyone.” Micah Lopez, Sophomore

“I think as a school it’s important that we appreciate the community that the students have formed. Whenever a code red alarm goes off, everyone’s immediate instinct is to work together to barricade the door with chairs or desks, or help each other if they aren’t in a classroom. It shows how even during hard and scary times, we still join together as a group to make sure everyone is as safe and secure as possible.” Amanda Quintela, Sophomore

“This lockdown serves as a reminder to “think before doing”. Together we can keep the peace but that’s only if we think about our actions.” Abigail Wheeler, Sophomore

“We can learn to care for others and as a student body and respond with rationalism next time. Instead of panicking and trampling students fallen down we can pick up those around us to make sure we all stay safe” Jordan DiMoro, Sophomore

“I think even though the whole lockdown was really scary, it was pretty inspiring to see how everyone worked together to stay safe. In the classes, people all worked to barricade the doors, and then outside there were security and police helping people cross the street. It was inspiring to see how people helped each other.” Finn Phelps Crossman, Freshman

With love and support, 

The CHAT Newspaper

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