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Michelena Pirro chases dreams and skin-sational solutions

Donated by Michelena Pirro

Whether she’s lifting weights at the gym, feeling the sand between her toes at the beach, or sharing laughter with friends and family, PPCHS alumna Michelena Pirro has been enjoying her prime years of young adulthood just like any other person. Yet, when she steps through the doors of WYSP Skin Studio, she becomes a real-life superhero with a mission— not a superhero with capes and masks, but of skincare and confidence. As she works with her clients with an unwavering smile and passion for helping others feel comfortable in their own skin, it’s hard to believe that the confident Esthetician was once a student struggling with skincare and the insecurities it brought.

Michelena’s journey to becoming an Esthetician started in the hallways of PPCHS as a graduate from the class of 2016. As a high school student, she was on the cheerleading team for all four years and heavily involved with PPCHS’s Relay for Life. However, although she had a vast array of interests and passions, what she wanted to do with her future was still unclear— only her love for all things skincare was a constant passion. “I truly didn’t know what I wanted to do while I was in high school, so it’s totally normal for students to still be unsure of their career path,” she reflects.

College is where she really discovered her passion for esthetics. Initially undecided, she explored prior interests she had in psychology and health. However, despite her struggle to pick a career path due to her varying interests, there was one constant in her life: her fascination with skincare. 

A mirror can be any student’s greatest battleground, constantly waging war with self-esteem. The mere thought of stepping outside without layers of makeup can feel like a daunting challenge. This unsettling feeling is something Michelena’s all too familiar with, and as she experimented with various career paths in college, inspiration hit. “Realizing that skincare was my true passion, I looked into career options beyond dermatology and discovered esthetics. Despite esthetics not being a popular choice at the time, my own remarkable skin transformation through consistent monthly facials convinced me of their effectiveness. I was also motivated from my Esthetician to pursue my passion and enroll into beauty school,” she explains. 

However, the journey to earn her Esthetician license wasn’t easy. Michelena was tasked with completing 300 hours of training at Boca Beauty Academy, reinforcing her knowledge through lectures and hands-on practical work. But, the intense training couldn’t be more rewarding. “I can’t envision myself in any other profession!” 

At PPCHS, there is currently an undeniable wave of popularity with the realm of skincare, with students starting their own small businesses related to esthetics or keeping up with popular dermatology influencers on social media. As someone who grew up with a personal connection to esthetics, Michelena knows what it’s like to be fascinated with the realm of skincare. According to Michelena, “My advice to them would be to carefully consider whether this is genuinely the path they want to pursue. It’s not suited for everyone, as it can be mentally demanding and involves a variety of responsibilities. Dealing with people’s faces requires seriousness and focus, as you’ll be addressing skin concerns/approaches. You can’t be scared of touch. You’ll be addressing their personal issues as well since being an Esthetician is also like being a therapist! Genuine passion for skincare and determination are crucial. So if they’re serious about it, it can truly be a rewarding career!”

Now, Michelena’s living her dream as an Esthetician at WYSP Skin Studio in Cooper City. Her schedule varies day to day based on appointments, and she offers a variety of facial treatments while simultaneously educating her clients in understanding the importance of skin health. “My day mainly consists of our more popular treatments which are our Purifying/Signature facials and brow waxing. I also make content for social media throughout the day when it’s slow…, I do laundry, sanitize the facial tools and equipment, and change the sheets between each client throughout the day as well,” she describes. 

Not only is she dedicated to the physical tasks of being an Esthetician, but she’s also committed to destigmatizing negative attitudes towards facial treatments. “I’d also like to emphasize that facial treatments are often misunderstood as luxuries, when they are actually necessities. Beyond relaxation, our focus is on addressing and resolving our client’s skin issues, guiding them, and providing education. Our skin is our largest organ, we need to take care of it,” she says.

With all Michelena does, her duty as an Esthetician ultimately boils down to one thing: making sure her clients walk away confident in their skin. “Now I never wear makeup and embrace my skin, so if I could help someone else from feeling that way, that’s what truly matters!” 

Salon 184
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