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One Small Step To A Large Triumph: Amogh Baranwal Earns The Youth Philanthropist Award!

Donated by: Amogh Baranwal

Distributing heavy loads of canned goods to adults, met with flashes of smiles towards the young volunteers participating at a Thanksgiving food drive. 6-year-old Amogh Baranwal volunteered alongside children similar to his age, contributing many hours of his childhood towards a foundation he was yet to fully understand. Now, twelve years later, Senior Amogh Baranwal continues to contribute his time after school towards the Joshua Heart Foundation, and just recently, was recognized for his work by being awarded the Youth Philanthropist of The Year Award.

This foundation was formed around 20 years ago inspired by “by a 4 year old… there were no organizations at the time that allowed youth to volunteer, let alone run the whole entire foundation,” Amogh describes. Joshua’s Heart Foundation wanted to help solve issues regarding poverty and food insecurity, while simultaneously providing the opportunity for youth volunteers to become more involved in their community. It was built to empower young people who were wanting and willing to help make a difference. 

For Amogh, his journey with The Joshua Heart Foundation was initially introduced to him by his parents. According to Amogh, his parents were “raised in India… they didn’t really have the opportunity to volunteer at the time, and there wasn’t really a culture of youth volunteering [and] making a change in the community.” After their move to America, his parents saw so many high schoolers [volunteering and] fell in love with the volunteering culture, inspired to implement that to [their children] from a very young age.

So, alongside his parents, Amogh began volunteering at the Joshua Heart Foundation at 6 years old. One of his very first experiences at the foundation involved providing food to a family with a child of the same age — only with different stories to their name.“When I handed his family the food, [they] were very polite and joyous, and at the time I was very confused and shocked how somebody can get super excited for something that I took very much for granted,” he explains. After meeting that family, he truly opened his eyes to the different experiences of the world, stating that it left a large impact on him to this day.

As the years passed by, Amogh watched JHF grow into the booming organization it is today, “both under my guidance, and just as I’ve been growing up with the foundation.” Over time, he was permitted a chair on the advisory board and the youth head for the Joshua Heart Foundation. Amogh helps in sanctioning their volunteer’s ideas, making sure to instill the concept that “you can think of any idea, you can think of projects or service ideas… and we will do everything in our power to make sure you get the adequate resources.” Amogh wants every volunteer to walk away knowing that their dedication to the organization makes a difference matters, and all they need is to identify a supportive group that will support them towards their goal.

And finally, after years of hard work, Amogh was recognized as a youth philanthropist. According to him, the experience “didn’t feel real… over the past few months I’ve been able to meet such brilliant people in the community [and] they are doing amazing things [that] are paving the way for future generations” to make dreams into a reality. 

His passion for community service has expanded to Relay for Life and Bread For The World, and by handing out goods to families in need, his benefactions to this world have not been left a mystery. “I have won 1 gold presidential service award from President Biden and President Trump. I have received President George Bush’s Point of Light award, [along with] several proclamations from the City of Miramar and Pembroke Pines recognizing me for my works,” he lists. Amogh’s work has crossed boundaries, both socially and geographically, through his involvement in youth advocacy conferences, helping volunteers working with Joshua’s Heart Foundation, and so much more.

With his never ending smile, Amogh Baranwal has left a beautiful legacy and a lasting impact on communities. As continues to grow, he’s become more and more appreciative of the work that he and JHF have committed to. “It’s taught me the importance of empathy and compassion,” he states, the Foundation itself thanking him for his persistent dedication regardless of his busy school life. Wherever his love for community takes him, his legacy continues to shine brightly for families in need.

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