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Golden Globes 2024: A night full of controversy, fashion, and awards

Evan Omana

While it is only the start of the new year, TV shows and movies are already beginning to receive honors, signifying the start of the award show season ahead. The Golden Globes held its 81st show on Sunday, January 7th. A new sense of excitement was felt by fans all over the world as popular shows, singers, and actors were awarded for their talents. The Golden Globes had the attention on them, but not necessarily for all the right reasons.

Known for his career as an actor and comedian, Jo Koy hosted this year’s Golden Globes. While he may be liked by many, his actions of the night were not well-received. Koy made inappropriate jokes about the 2023 film Barbie, sparking one of the many controversial monologues he voiced at the award show. Sophomore Sanya Gidwani comments on his words expressing, “I think the jokes that Jo Koy made were not funny at all. When I heard what he said about Barbie, I was questioning whether he actually watched the movie or not because for people who didn’t watch the movie, they would think that it was about some plastic doll, but in reality, it had a much deeper meaning.”

Another of Koy’s criticized jokes was, “The big difference between the Golden Globes and the NFL? On the Golden Globes, we have fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift.” The cameras then cut to an unamused Swift, drinking her beverage. This sparked more controversy, and with his many attempts to make jokes that fell flat, fans felt as if the Golden Globes didn’t pick a suitable host.

Amongst the Koy controversy, some viewers felt as though Barbie was not given the credit in awards it deserved. The film received one award for “Cinematic and Box Office Achievement,” and Billie Eilish’s “What Was I Made For?” earned her “Best Song of the Year”. Countering Barbie’s win, Oppenheimer won many of the categories that both movies were nominated in. Many watchers took to social media to show their dismay at the lack of awards Barbie won and the lack of acknowledgment it received considering the influence it had, and still has, on society.

Despite the drama, there were surprising moments at the Golden Globes. Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet made their public debut as a couple, which many fans were excited to see, even prompting lip readers to decode their unheard conversations.

 Lip readers also attempted to decode Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift’s conversations, which caused rumors to arise, so much so that Gomez had to come forward to clear up any misinformation about what their conversation entailed.

In a positive aspect, the Golden Globes had some history-making and touching moments. Lily Gladstone became the first Indigenous person to win a Golden Globe, and Ali Wong became the first Asian actress to win the Golden Globe for “Best Female Actor” in a limited series. Billie Eilish also opened up about how while she was working on “What Was I Made For?,” she was battling depression, and the journey of writing the song helped save her.

While awards are the most important part of the event, it’s not an award show without fashion. Walking the red carpet were many clothes from designers such as Gucci, Louboutins, Schiaparelli, and Chanel. With Margot Robbie’s pink, Barbie inspired Armani Pirvé dress and Taylor Swift’s green Gucci dress being the most talked about outfits from the event, they were tough to beat, despite all the attendees wearing impressionable clothes.

In this chaotic, monumental event, unforgettable moments occurred. While it was not exactly the best way to start awards season, viewers have many more award shows to come throughout the year, and it is only just the beginning.

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