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From sitting in keyboard class to attending the Grammys

Marcus Lomax “MarcLo” was once a student sitting in keyboard class at PPCHS, but little did he know that his aspirations for music would lead him to four Grammy nominations. After graduating from Charter in 2005, MarcLo knew where he wanted to take his career. With overwhelming support and influence from the people in his life, pursuing music became his most prominent goal.

During his time in the music industry, MarcLo has received nominations from the 61st, 64th, and 65th Grammy Award shows. He gained two nominations at the 61st annual award show for “The Middle,” which was nominated for Record and Song of the Year. In the 64th annual award show, MarcLo was nominated for Justice (Triple Chucks Deluxe), and in the 65th for Special, both nominated for Album of the Year. Though MarcLo has experienced great triumph in his career, there are many other factors that contribute to his work, and what is to come in the future.

Growing up, MarcLo was surrounded by music, inspiring him to pursue the path. One of the key influences he had came from someone within his family. “My brother played in bands, and would practice at home with his trumpet and piano. Hearing that over and over again from the other room just kind of ingrained it into my system,” expresses MarcLo. 

Charter has also influenced MarcLo’s career in a variety of ways. For example, during MarcLo’s junior year, he was already making music and decided to take a keyboard class. “I had a teacher, Ms. Corbiere, she allowed me to make tracks on the piano in piano class because I was still trying to figure out how to create [music] and I was already way ahead of the curve in terms of the curriculum and the keyboard class,” recalls MarcLo. Ms. Corbiere allowing him to take time out of his school days to focus on his upcoming career was significant to MarcLo.

To go further in the music industry, MarcLo, along with a few of his friends, moved to California in 2011. He’s been to numerous places across the world for his career such as “Atlanta, New York, London, and Canada.”

Despite his great success, it wasn’t easy for MarcLo to get where he is today. He expresses how, “It’s difficult to make something great, because in terms of professional song writing, you make so many ideas, but its the great ones that you want to leave with.” MarcLo also explains how in the start, a producer will always receive “no’s” from the people they want to work with, but the received feedback must never be taken personally, but instead used at an advantage, to get a “yes.”

 MarcLo’s hard work has paid off. He has got to meet and work with some of his heroes, specifically Babyface. He also has worked with hit artists like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, helping to produce their music. However, MarcLo is far from done as he explains, “I think I’ve surpassed my expectations [in his music career], but I also have big dreams, and I want to do this on the highest level.” From back when he first knew he wanted to have a music career in middle school, to now, Marclo’s dedication never fails to show, as he has been nominated for four Grammys.

When MarcLo first found out that he got nominated, he felt it was because the song “The Middle” was a hit; he was indeed right, it got Record and Best Duo Pop of the Year. MarcLo describes this experience as a “dream” because as a little kid, he would always get so excited to watch the Grammy Award Show, and now he would be sitting so close to the stage in a row filled with numerous celebrities. “I got to meet and hang out with some famous people even though it was for a short amount of time but it was amazing,” exclaims MarcLo. Now he plans on expanding his career from music to film and acting saying, “I want to do more stuff on the acting and film side, so that is the next iteration of where my career is going, and I’ve already started developing some projects, which will be part of the next chapter.” 

MarcLo’s musical career will continue to prosper as he makes great strides in his journey. With his many accomplishments, MarcLo is far from finished.

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