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5 Days of scrubs, crutches and a whole bunch of love: HOSA Week!

With a fresh week approaching, HOSA took the initiative for a week of fun and activities! HOSA Week has become an annual tradition, used to spread awareness of the global health care community. Showing pride in their commitments to healthcare, HOSA’s officers, including treasurer Aakash Suresh even revealed, “We tried to create alliteration with the names of some medical activity/clothing, which is how we came up with the other days.” With more students awaiting the activities than before, the club spent their 2023 events celebrating their commitments in what they love. 


Mad scientist Monday: 11/13/23

 The students walked through the doors on a November day with lab coats, goggles and some even with white hair poking in every direction! This fun-filled day was all about HOSA’s members dressing up as their favorite scientist and showing off all their fun gear. Walking around campus with their scientist-like accessories on and their khaki school shorts, HOSA members quickly grew with excitement for how successful this week would be. The students were able to unite and get the opportunity to come up with creative ideas for their costumes which really showed how dedicated these members are for their future career. Some may even consider this day a preparation for what it may feel like to wear all the true equipment for their medical profession. As the first day came to a close, everyone within the club gathered together by the River of Grass for the first picture of HOSA week ‘23-’24! 


Thankful Tuesday, featuring HOSAgiving: 11/14/23

The second day of this unforgettable week was focused primarily on gratitude and gathering. The typical uniform policy in place did not stop any smiles from appearing! Once the 2:00 bell rang, all the future medical care workers were on their way to the cafeteria for a monthly meeting. However, this one would stand out compared to any other this year. After the important information was shared, the members were all able to commemorate the day by creating sweet cards. With markers, glitter, and colorful paper laid out for all to use, members wrote out a sweet message to nurses, doctors, and anyone who plays a vital role in day-to-day healthcare. 


“On Wednesday, we wear scrubs”: 11/15/23

The famous line being “on Wednesdays we wear pink” from Mean Girls, HOSA put a new spin to it, correlating it, where students would dress in scrubs and medical wear. When it came to decide what everyone should come dressed up as, Hannah Flores, the Member Liaison, confidently says, “it’s really fun for everyone to dress up in something related to what they’re passionate about!” With this theme’s raging success, it called for anticipation for the future days ahead. With that, many of the students were able to experiment with the different tools and gear that go into the medical field. This day of medical attire quickly gained the representation it needed with lots of good feedback in the end, and it was a plus for the students to be in something comfortable all day!


Therapy Thursday: 11/16/23

Even though Broward County closed all schools due to heavy rain, it wasn’t enough to stop HOSA week. Rain or shine, this day was all about relaxation and making sure all the students were in the right headspace to strengthen their peace of mind. As HOSA continues this year strong, many of the club officers and guest medical assistants have been able to teach some medical protocols like what to do in case of a bleed to the members. These techniques are important to know on an everyday basis so someone is able to help save a life when in an emergency. Being in the medical field calls for many intense times, inclining the club’s officers to shine a light on the concept that healthcare workers are human and require the same balance of work and relaxation. With an unexpectedly canceled day of school, HOSA’s substitution for members to spend time partaking in activities they enjoy at home. Many visited their favorite restaurants, cuddled with their animals and went to their friends house to spend time together. “This day impacted the week for the better because it gave students a day to recharge their energy in the middle of the week, making it easier to handle the challenges of the rest of the week.” Secretary Hana Bushra even believed. Afterall, the rain helped the members be more connected and keep a positive mind set!


Fake an injury Friday: 11/17/23

The week’s conclusion arrived faster than ever, but suddenly all the HOSA members walked on to campus with more injuries than anyone has ever seen. Many of the students went all out with makeup and effects to make this last the best one yet, creating suddenly broken arms, legs, bruises, and more. “At the end of the day in order to earn your HOSA point you had to say what doctor treated you, the recovery plan, and other medical information.”, Annabelle Acevedo explains. HOSA members learned how to identify and efficiently treat a normal injury on a patient. Additionally, studied the tools/equipment used to help make a wound better and how to keep track of the progress. As the final day in HOSA week came to a close, more students were able to get involved and gain excitement for the future projects and years in HOSA. 


With smiles all around from HOSA during this international week of health care awareness, students are able to show pride in what their future has in store for them in and out of scrubs.

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