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Calling all the stars to the dance floor: Homecoming 2023

Students of all grades of PPCHS grace the red carpet that’s on display in the breezeway. Flashing lights and clicks of the cameras are heard as students show off their dresses, suits, accessories, and everything that shows their individuality. The red carpet continues to stretch a couple feet down, leading to the cafeteria door—the door that invites students and admin into a world of glitz and glamor. SGA put Pines Charter through an experience of a lifetime with a night in Hollywood. The evening was only beginning when Charter’s ‘celebrities’ entered at 7 PM.

Lights are dimmed and glowing words are projected on the wall, “PPCHS HOMECOMING 2023”, making the night real for everyone. As guests settle in and grasp their surroundings, squeals of excitement of seeing friends in their best looks are heard throughout the cafeteria. However, that is not the only thing ringing through everyone’s ears. Music is pumped up to the highest volume, preparing the night for the future hours of dancing, singing and surprises.

Classic artists, such as Usher, Soulja Boy, and even popular icons like Drake, chimed throughout the first hour of the event. As background music played, groups of friends gathered around for hugs, photos and most importantly, to give compliments about one another’s looks for the night. Each had their own version of Hollywood glamor as different patterns of suits, styles of dresses, makeup trends, and accessories were spread all throughout the evening. 

The individuality shown through the styles aroused many feelings of self confidence that had students strutting through the night and dancing the night away. Trends and many people’s Pinterest boards served as inspiration for the night’s variety of elegant looks. As one junior, Karina Garcia, looks back at her homecoming attire, she recalls how her dress and accessories transformed her look. “It definitely made me feel confident, as I had planned out the outfit weeks in advance. I loved that with the bow, I was able to put my own personality into my look,” she explains.

After dancing, eating and conversing in the main room of the cafeteria, red lights shined from Senior Square, now transformed into a place to capture memories. Couples and friend groups filed in to take photos in the esteemed photo booth that gathered the attention of many. Along with that was a heart-warming canvas that read, “Help us remember the night!”, where students from all grades, and even administrators, wrote their names to establish themselves in the homecoming history books. 

Relationships were strengthened as students walked out from the photo booth in unity, users seeing the genuine smiles displayed on each of their faces. To the left of the room was where all the food and drinks were, presenting snacks that were both cultural and on-theme. “They got us croquetas!” and “Look at how cute those cookies are” were heard as eyes were glued to the cookies that read ‘A Night in Hollywood’. Cuban culture was incorporated in the tasty delights, keeping the dancers energized and ready for the excitement left for the rest of the night.

Smiles and laughter were seen and heard from face to face as songs were being sung and hands were being held. Those same hands occasionally danced in the air while vibrant lights were still flashing to capture the Hollywood essence. Suddenly, the music was put to a halt and everyone knew what time it was: the announcement of homecoming court winners! 

Crowds circled around SGA officers as they got the crowd’s energy ready for the upcoming moments of surprise. After each grade was announced, smiles that were already once wide were now shown with more gratitude than ever before. Ranging from couples to best friend duos, crowns were set down on the winners of the night. 

Adam Stewart and Briana Mendez are the freshman homecoming court winners and have set their friendship in the books. Briana gratefully expresses, “We’ve been best friends for almost two years now, I was really happy to have won the award with Adam and I couldn’t imagine winning it with anyone else.” On the other hand, Sofia Goris and Devin Rodriguez, a junior year couple, accepted the titles of junior homecoming duke and duchess. Sofia recalls the night, reliving the love and happiness she felt alongside Devin—it was a moment neither of them would ever forget. “It felt amazing to have won the homecoming court with my boyfriend. The support my friends gave made my night ten times better. It was overall a surreal experience!” 

As Pitbull and other Latin songs continued on, the clock inched closer and closer to 10 PM. Students on the dance floor made their final moves of the night, not only wrapping up the once long-awaited event, but also wrapping up guests’ core memories. Seniors will be waving their caps in salutation in just a couple months time, leaving this night to be their last homecoming dance. Senior Carolina Arugelles explains the sentimental, but fun ending: “It was a little bittersweet when I first walked in and realized it would be my last homecoming, but honestly as the night progressed I couldn’t help but to forget about my regular life, with all of our college applications and getting ready to leave for college, and just trying to savor the last few months of our lives together in one place. So many of us seniors will be leaving the area and it was so nice to just have fun as a group without worries.”

Lights were turned back on as students said their goodbyes. Feet were sore from passionate dancing throughout the three hours of the night, and hugs were being exchanged as everyone got in their cars, waving goodbye to Hollywood. Another year means another iconic homecoming. With love, happiness and gratitude flooding the air, Charter looks back to a night of elegance and memories.

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