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Our 2023 Rodeo: Fall Pep Rally

The excitement built from the hundreds of students who filled the bleachers in anticipation to what were the best performances yet seen from our PPCHS student body. From the start of the national anthem to the drumline exit show, eyes were glued to the center of the gym to witness our school’s sports, music performances, games, and even a surprise homecoming proposal. This was the PPCHS 2023 Fall Rodeo Pep Rally!

All the students were greeted by the exuberant tunes of the PPCHS band and color guard. Once everyone was sitting down, the sport entrances commenced. As each sport (Swim, Volleyball, Golf, Cross Country, and Football team) were ecstatically called out by our emcees, each team was ready to make the floor theirs, representing their beloved team. The creativity of each group was highlighted when they put their own spin on their entrance, some acting out a domino fall or as human bowling pins hit by a ball. Some moves were unique to their sport, like the swim team’s recreation of a race, putting a spotlight on their pride. 

Two competitive rounds of Tug-of-War were played against the athletes of the football team and another round was played with our school’s cheerleaders. After an intense game of pulling back and forth, the winners were victorious when seeing the other side of students collapse to the floor in defeat. Sophomore football player Aiden Oscar highlights this moment. “The tug-of-war stood out to me the most,” he reveals. It was something that the football team was able to participate in and it was exciting to feel the enthusiastic environment of the crowd hyping us up.”

After the games, another sweet surprise joined the attending students when a homecoming proposal was made for one of Charter’s very own varsity cheerleader. The audience cheered in unison in response to her ‘Yes’!

The still-energized crowd continued to be mesmerized as they saw the many awe inspiring performances made by varying teams like Cheer, Step, Latin Dance, Fashion, Bollywood, and Dance. They left it all on the dance floor and dropped jaws along with those incredible presentations. Sophomore Gabriella Koch, who witnessed the grand event, exclaims, “The dancers’ performances were incredibly executed. I really enjoyed all of their unique dancing styles. It was skillfully done and appeared both difficult and effortless.” 

This Pep Rally is also one filled with sentiment as this is the last year PPCHS seniors will be able to take part in it. Senior Latin Dance Captain Katheline Reyes, eagerly shares, “It’s crazy to think that it’s my last first pep rally. Being able to experience it with my team and everyone else was just so amazing and euphoric. I’m so proud of our hard work.” Senior Varsity Cheerleader, Ashley Joseph, shares similar feelings as she pridefully states, “My favorite part of performing as a senior would be the excitement that I feel when I’m performing. Whether I’m doing my stunt, or dance, I’m just so happy going from one part of the routine to the next knowing that all my hard work, along with my teammates’, has paid off.” The Class of 2024 has made their mark in their dances and are proud of how far they’ve come.  

Jaguar pride and involvement was emphasized in these moments and demonstrated exactly what school spirit is about, especially to all the freshmen who have joined PPCHS this year. Freshman and Junior Varsity Cheerleader Jazmyn Walcott excitedly states, “What stood out to me the most was how nicely decorated it was and how involved and dedicated the students were to make it a good pep rally. I was really nervous, but performing in front of the crowd definitely helped my confidence and performance!”

SGA played a significant role in the preparation of Pep Rally and are credited with the execution of this successful event. Working to decorate and prepare the gym, Junior and Committee Head of Pep Rally Olivia Sinclair proclaims, “I believe pep rally turned out great! Everyone in SGA worked extremely hard to put this event together—especially the students in the pep rally committee. So many hours were spent looking over rosters, creating flyers, painting banners and organizing the event. Pep rally was really a team effort and it would not have happened without all of SGA’s hard work.”

The bleachers go wild once again as a final congratulations is given at the end of the performances made by Charter’s very own students. With the incredible dedication, patience, and talent from our performers, treachers, and staff, this event was made possible. All students were able to take memories home with them as they exited the gym with the band drumline playing one last time. This will not be our last rodeo, but definitely one that will never be forgotten!

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