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The GameStop shooting: It’s no longer a game, it’s life or death

Zachary Hladek

A place that is meant to bring its shoppers into an alternate reality through its products, has become yet another place to become a victim of gun violence. On October 17, 2023, Chadrick Coats lost his life to gunfire, while attempting to steal from a Game Stop in Pembroke Pines Florida, on Pines Blvd. 

Detectives revealed that, while working the store, Derrick Guerrero, the manager, was asked for assistance by Coats to retrieve a pack of “Ultra-Premium” Pokemon cards. While the manager was presumably ‘occupied,’ Chadrick Coats took the chance to steal merchandise from behind the front counter, which ended up costing him his life.

After Coats took the items he desired, he made a run for it, but didn’t get far. It only took one shot from Guerrero’s gun, that he had equipped in his waistband, to end his life. After law enforcement arrived at the scene, Chadrick Coats was pronounced dead, three hours later. It was later announced by the police that Chadrick Coats was not armed, and never threatened Derrick Guerrero, in any way. 

Had Coats possessed a deadly weapon and directly threatened the manager, Florida’s “stand your ground law” would have protected Guerrero from criminal charges. However this wasn’t the case. The offender was being held in jail over charges of manslaughter, with a bail of $25,000 being held over his release. He was recently released on the bond.

Guerrero’s acquaintances informed the police that they only know him as a ‘good kid,’ and that this inhumane act was completely unexpected. At court, valuable information regarding his past, and current state of life, was presented by a defense attorney; he used to serve in the marines for 10 years, and was working at Game Stop while providing for his family. During the trial, it was also revealed that during his time working at Game Stop, robbery has occurred in the past, which is why he allegedly purchased the gun. During his trial, the court determined that if Guerrero is bailed out of the Broward county jail, he must wear a GPS monitor. 

The 33 year-old now feels remorse over his actions towards Coats. After the realization that the death of Guerrero is detrimental to his family,  he expressed his guilt by saying, “I’m really sorry for the family. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen to the family. It wasn’t my intention.”

As he awaited his ride, to be taken home, after he was discharged from the jailhouse, he sat with his head in his hands, seeming to experience the guilt that comes with taking another man’s life.

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