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To change or not to change: Disney favorites transform into reality

Audrey Goetz

Changes Should Be Made: Jocelyn

The movie worlds of poofy dresses, knights in shining armor, and so much more have been brought into reality, with changes that I believe have improved the films. The live-action actors have taken on and become the perfect roles, bringing childhood characters to life. Despite the arguments, changes should be made when creating the live-action movies. 

I believe that the tale should change from its original script. Changes are beneficial to highlight the crucial parts in movies and avoid making them longer than necessary. Removing parts of the story emphasizes the turning point of the main characters’ stories, leaving more suspense for viewers. This overall makes them more intriguing, and in my opinion, prompts more people to watch the movies.

Additional changes that have made the live-action movies better than the animated movies is the increased usage of music, which has kept me, along with many other viewers, entertained all throughout. In the live-action Aladdin, for instance, which made its theater debut in 2019, the original songs were kept, along with the addition of their own twist of music.

Aladdin became a wide talk in mine and Disney fans’ conversations because of its entertaining visuals and the lively music throughout. In addition, lots of stereotypical topics have been removed in the reproduction of this film, and for me, a lack of prominent controversies makes the film more enjoyable to watch.

I believe that removing controversial topics, even if minimal, makes the changes necessary to offer a more lighthearted feeling to viewers, along with the implementation of the animated movie’s neutral dynamics throughout Aladdin’s culture and scenery. 

Changes Should Not Be Made: Amanda

The live-action movies shouldn’t stray away from the script of the animated films. I feel that most would agree with me that when writers and directors change the origin story from the original movie in the live-action films, it’s almost as if they are reshaping our childhoods, and the “magic of Disney,” is being taken away.

What we once knew as our favorite Disney princesses or princes are often completely different people in the live-action remakes. Sometimes this is taken a little too far, in the sense that a whole new character is created in replacement of the original. 

For example, in the remake of Mulan, Shan Yu, the main antagonist, is replaced by two brand new villains that were irrelevant prior to the remake. Li Shang, Mulan’s love interest, is also replaced, which is almost insulting to the animated Mulan. I, along with others, feel that Li Shang is an irreplaceable character due to his good morals and great character development. Many used to crush on or fear both the original villain and love interest as kids, and without them in the remake, it’s basically a whole new story and movie without the familiar emotional connection. 

When I head to the theaters or towards Disney+ to watch a live-action remake, I expect to watch the real-life version of the original Disney movies, not an amateur re-make that has no association with the original. With that, I believe that Disney live-action remakes should remain true to the animated films stories because it allows viewers to stay connected to their favorite childhood movies.

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