There’s ‘Never Enough’ Talent from Daniel Caesar

Marlee Jaworski, Staff Writer

   As his career moves forward, Canadian singer Daniel Caesar recently released his new album, Never Enough, on April, 7th, 2023. Caesar’s last album, Case Study 01, which came out in 2019, really set the bar high, raising expectations of fans everywhere. It’s no surprise that this new album is already climbing charts and being played on repeat.

   To backtrack before this newest album, Daniel Caesar is a young 28 year old who has clearly proven to show how far he is willing to go in his career. What sets him apart from other pop artists is his lower pitched, soft voice, which adds to the mainstream instrument in the back of his songs: his acoustic guitar. When Daniel goes to write and create his music, he reflects on childhood experiences and his personal connection to certain things such as the gospel. In Never Enough there are about 15 songs that will increase fans’ love for Daniel Caesar even more. 

   The album starts out with the song titled “Ocho Rios” which enhances the use of the electric guitar and low drums. The lyrics in the song seem to talk about some relationship that Caesar had and how that person was “[his] saving grace, grace, grace.” After that lead song comes songs such as “SuperPowers”, “Valentina”, and so on.

   “SuperPowers”, which is towards the end of the album, reassures that Daniel’s special person brought out the best in him. The song also brings out the positivity in the album and reflects it onto the listener. Freshman Justin Machado agrees, saying, “in his own words he said that he wanted us to listen to the new album so we can better understand ourselves.” 

      Perhaps the most talented part about Caesar is that he can make all his music flow, and there aren’t many artists of his genre that are able to make such an impact like him. Thus, it’s not a surprise to many that tremendous amounts of dedication went into this project. As a matter of fact, it was so important that Daniel and his crew even traveled to different parts of the world just to make everything perfect for the release.

   Never Enough sets a tone that Daniel’s other albums lack. In his last album, Case Study 01, he collaborated with many other artists (such as John Mayer) and focused more on jazz and pop, while this new album includes more rhythm and blues. Although a different feel, the album still holds strength, which mirrors the idea of stepping out of comfort zones while always being confident. Combined with the message to cherish the little things in life, Daniel is able to reach and relate to his audience. Freshman Victoria Regueiro understands this completely, explaining how “he takes heavy topics and turns them into contemplative songs about life, love and themes that are in between these two.” His music allows kids to be themselves, have creativity and be more open about certain issues to others. 

      No matter what, artists always have room for growth and new ideas, something that is reflected throughout his past albums. In just a few days his songs from this album Never Enough  have gotten thousands of streams and are only expected to get more. Who knows, one day this young artist may be on tour in front of millions of people, for now though, the fans hold anticipation as they wait for Daniel’s next release.