Comebacks and Breakthroughs: Who Will Define This Year’s Grammys?

Isabella Cely-Garcia, Staff Writer

 One of the most exciting parts of award shows is the anticipation of waiting to see if your favorite nominee’s name is called. Hope, anxiety, joy and disappointment draw viewers back to their TV screens each year, and 2023 is no different. The Grammy’s are around the corner, and as February 5th approaches, social media has been buzzing with predictions and guesses as to who the lucky batch of winners will be. 

   Some of the greatest talents of the industry have stepped up to the base this year, including the likes of Bad Bunny, Coldplay, Kendrick Lamar, Lizzo, Steve Lacy, Doja Cat, and many more. This year’s Grammys will also see the return of many familiar faces, with superstars like Adele, Beyoncé, and even ABBA being nominated for their comeback albums. Beyoncé superfan Morgan Taylor shared her opinion about the highly anticipated album being up for Album of the Year. “Her album was definitely the album of the summer. I had Cozy and America Has a Problem on repeat for weeks. Renaissance was the best album I heard all year. I’d be so shocked if she didn’t win,” the junior shared.

   Not only are established stars of the industry fan favorites this year, but also rising stars like the mega popular Bad Bunny. Junior Valeria Mesa is hopeful that the Puerto-Rican international sensation will be taking home the award. “ My favorite nominated artist is Bad Bunny and I feel like he could win album of the year because I feel like in the past years he’s done a very good job of becoming internationally recognized,” she expresses. With two Grammy wins already under his belt, it’s only expected that he’s a top pick among viewers. 

   This year’s Grammys will also see plenty of brand new fresh faces. Gayle, Omar Apollo, and others will be attending their first Grammy night. For some, the category is a way to expand their horizons.“I’m keeping an eye out for Best New Artist because I’m always down to listen to a new artist,” Valeria says. For others, the category is a way for their favorite artist to finally get the recognition they deserve. “I really want Omar Apollo to win,” junior Sonia Ally, a dedicated fan, says. “Not only does he have good music but as a person, he’s really sweet and likable.” Upcoming artists are sure to define the night with their breakout hits, like Omar Apollo’s Evergreen. 

   For this 65th Grammy Awards, old will meet new on the red carpet as the ever-changing music industry sees a revitalization of its usual award winners. This shake-up of the nominees will certainly prove to make a memorable night for everyone watching the excitement from the edge of their seats at home.