Winter Fantasy Reflections

Sophia Lopez, Features Editor

Winter Fantasy is arguably the biggest project the Pines Charter Drama Department works towards every year. Time and patience work hand in hand to build a show from scratch every year. It feels more like a tradition: dancers, singers, actors coming together and putting on a show. After months of constant preparation, collaboration, and endless practice until performances become second nature, the curtain closes; the cast can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Then come the reflections. 


Freshman Maria Benedek participated as a Stage Hand and is a member of the Drama Club. 

How did you feel about this year’s Winter Fantasy? 

   “As it is my first year in high school and first time directing Winter Fantasy, I found it really exciting even through all the stress of making it perfect; keeping the performers backstage quiet, going to get the next act from the classrooms, and hoping that everything went smoothly. With the rehearsals, the wonderful parent volunteers, and the recent graduates of 2022, it was an amazing show. I felt as if winter fantasy opened a lot of doors for me mentally because it made me see that family is an important part of high school and our school in particular. Winter Fantasy brought a lot of people together again. I want to give a big thanks to the drama, theater, and dance departments for their contribution towards the show, as well as Ms. Sanford and Lauryn Hernandez for trusting me with this role.”


Junior Alexandria Gopee takes Theater 3 and 4 Honors, and took an active role in preparations. 

How did you feel about this year’s Winter Fantasy? 

“This Winter Fantasy went really well. Ms. Sanford and Ms. Stacy did a great job of coordinating it and all of the performances were excellent.” 

You were the main dancer for the number Land of Lola. How was it? 

“I am very proud of Land of Lola, very proud of everyone who was in it, and our wonderful choreographer Peyton Goetz. It was a personal breakthrough for me.”



Sophomore Tatiana Cruzado is an avid dancer who also takes the Theater 3 and 4 Honors class.

How did you feel about this year’s Winter Fantasy?

“Honestly, Winter Fantasy was really fun, and I had a lot of fun working with Peyton Goetz; she was the choreographer of the 3 pieces I was in. She was amazing and I love working with her so much.” 


Junior Kylie Irizzary takes the Theater 3 and 4 Honors class, and is the Drama Club’s social media manager. 

How did you feel about this year’s Winter Fantasy? 

“It was a lot of fun. I’ve been in a whole bunch of Winter Fantasies since middle school; this has been my favorite because I was in so many pieces, and also my first time being in the advanced drama class. We got to close the show, my costume was very cute; this long medieval queen dress and I loved it, the backstage was also amazing, and hanging out with my friends!”


Junior Peyton Goetz is Dance Captain in the Theater 3 and 4 Honors Class, and Lead Choreographer in the Drama Club. 

How did you feel about this year’s Winter Fantasy?

“I was really really proud of it. I thought it was a lot better than last year’s lowkey. And I’m really proud, specifically of the Land of Lola girls because they worked so hard and they were not confident at first. It was amazing getting to watch their confidence grow; they ate.”