USA’s Historic Run

Lucas Giron, Social Media Editor

Graphic By Dylan Padron


 After missing out in the 2018 World Cup, team USA came with hunger and motivation in this year’s World Cup in Qatar. Despite having the second youngest team in the World Cup, they showed their quality and skill as they reached to the round of 16 where they unfortunately lost to Netherlands. The Pembroke Pines Charter varsity boys soccer team share their thoughts and opinions on the USA’s performance in the World Cup. 


“The U.S. really made a statement in this World Cup. From not even qualifying for the 2018 World Cup, to making it tp the knockout round in this World Cup is a major accomplishment. They even held, arguably the strongest team in tournament (England), to a draw in which England were heavily favored to win. The U.S. have a lot to be proud of and look forward to.”

  • Alexander Champagne, 12th grade


“I thought they did great making it to the round of 16, considering they were the second youngest team at this year’s World Cup, and I’m sure they will go even farther in the 2026 World Cup!”

  • Ryan Romero, 11th grade


“USA’s run was surprising to say the least. Even so, it is major progress for the U.S. showing that we can compete with top nations too.”

  • Mateo Cortes, 11th grade


“It was inspiring but at the same time heartbreaking.”

  • Gabriel Calderon, 9th grade 

“The US has a lot of young talent and they showed that they can compete with top teams. I am really looking forward to the 2026 World Cup as I believe they will be even better.”

  • Xavier Lewis, 12th grade