The Comeback of Spotify Wrapped Rocks the World of Charter!

Kara Warren, Clubs Editor

   The year of 2022 accomplished great things in the world of music. It brought back even more music from older artists like Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and Kendrick Lamar. Concerts officially rocked the world again, including musicians like Steve Lacy and Kehlani. Even famous collabs dropped albums, including Her Loss, from Drake and 21 Savage. And new stars, from Ice Spice to GloRilla, brought crazy amounts of hype to the last few months of the year. But regardless of the genre, artist, or song, we all spent our own time listening to it all. And this year’s Spotify Wrapped brought more excitement to listeners around the world of Charter. 

   The platform shows users information about their listening history throughout the year, including access to their overall listening time as well as their top artists, songs, and genres. Despite everyone’s individual music interests and patterns, students across campus have mixed feelings about it all! And some will go so far as to completely change their way of listening to get a ‘better’ Spotify Wrapped for 2023. 


Mckenna Gregory (sophomore): “I really like my top five, it took the songs that I think I’ve spent the most time streaming overall. My top artist was Jhene Aiko, but I think next year I’ll start listening to more R&B, because that’s my favorite out of them all!”


Karvin Ortiz (sophomore): “My top artist this year was Yeat, and I’m really satisfied with my top five this year. Rap is the main genre I listen to, so maybe I can change it up next year, but I doubt it.”


Sonia Ally (junior): “I was really happy with my top five, the only thing is I think it’s a common experience for everyone. I’m not sure why Drake was so high up there, but Lucki was my top artist this year. I’m really hoping that some great artists come out with some new albums and I’m really excited for music in the future.”


Matthew Blackwood (junior): “Drake, Yeat, and Ice Spice were my favorite artists of the year. They managed to come out with a bunch of great music all year, especially Ice Spice’s drops at the end of the year. But I’m pretty happy with my top five artists and tracks, and I think it was really cool how they’re able to tell me how long I was listening all year—about 50,000 minutes!”


Sofia Echemendia (junior): “I felt amazing about my top five because those are the only artists I actually listened to this year. My top artist was Rauw Alejandro, a latin artist, who makes very great music and I loved his concert. Latin music is the only type of music I like, so I’m not really planning on exploring any other genres. But if I happen to hear something different, I’m definitely willing to change my opinion!”


Mr. Jablonka: “My top five this year were John Mayer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Harry Styles, Drake, Bad Bunny. I was in John Mayer’s top 0.1% of his listeners with over 4000 minutes of just his music. His music resonates so deeply with me in terms of his lyrics and sometimes his minimal approach to his sound. John Mayer really just boils down to just him and his guitar as he tackles themes of self worth, purpose, and his relationships with people. I definitely plan on getting into new artists and a big reason why I love Spotify is how easy it is to find new artists. In terms of genres, I had 76 total genres that I listened to according to my Wrapped and I will look to increase that number for next year! Genres have been constantly evolving so I’m excited to see what else is going to come down the road in 2023!”