Gen-Z Takes Congress by Storm in the Midterm Elections!

Kara Warren, Clubs Editor

   The right to vote is one of the most crucial parts of American identity. Regardless of where you live, your background, and your beliefs, it’s one of the easiest ways to voice what you hope to see in America’s future. One of the latest concerns among students has been the lack of representation from younger generations. But the midterm elections this year finally brought Gen-Z’s first representative to office: Maxwell Alejandro Frost.

   The midterm elections, arguably the most overlooked, determine state representation. The most notable figures elected during this season include the Governor, Senators, and Representatives that serve in Congress. Even though many Americans fail to realize the importance of participating in the midterms, they are critical in determining how effective a president’s term will be (BBC).

   Since the midterm elections decide which political party will hold the majority in Congress, the president in office at this time will only be able to perform to his full potential based on these representatives. Hence, the abundance of advocates to encourage registered voters, especially young ones, to hit the polls. 

   However, the latest midterm elections have created history by electing Congress’s first Gen-Z Senator. Junior Janessa Montilla argued that it’s absolutely necessary that our government have younger representatives—both for the sake of our present and future. “Young representatives are able to relate more to the youth. They understand their issues and what they’re going through more than someone who is much older. Young representatives also have a lot of energy and are very motivated when it comes to solving issues.”

   Gavin Poore, another junior activist, hopes that Frost’s position will mark the beginning of change in our government. “Having a government dominated by older individuals means that the perspectives of young people are not heard. It is important [that] there is a mix of ages, so the values of all generations are accounted for.” Gavin continued to list a few of the key issues that he’s optimistic the young generation can help fix, including the housing crisis, gun reform, and the current economic dilemma facing America. 

   For right now though, he’s glad to see younger people voting for the changes we need. “Young representatives can share the knowledge and opinions of our generation and share power amongst our democracy. Hopefully over the coming years, more young representatives will come forward and lead our country.”

   But of course, Janessa fully expects Frost to demand more from the government, and raise the voices of the outspoken. “I am hoping to see that Maxwell brings in new ideas regarding healthcare. I remember that he said that he really wants to provide comprehensive healthcare for everyone in America and that he wants to especially focus on communities that are commonly left out.”

   The overall turnout of this season’s elections has won in favor of the Democratic party. With minimal losses in the House, and a secured majority ruling in the Senate, decision-making is expected to run smoothly for the remainder of President Biden’s term. But with only two years remaining, and the latest announcement of former President Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign, there’s a very mixed response across America. While this short victory brought Democrats a shot of hope, there’s not much faith for future elections ruling in their favor. But now with the newly Democratic House of Representatives, the Democrats and Republicans both will have to patiently await the legislative decisions.