From Spooky to Sparkly: What Students are Dressing as for Halloween

Marissa Levinson, Opinions Editor

   The web-filled weeks prior to Halloween are spent acquiring glittering accessories and textured materials, and focusing on fine details to successfully encapsulate the most fear-inducing, glamorous or creative costume. A revolving door of costume ideas and plans enter and escapes the minds of Pines Charter students, and this is what they have decided on: 


“I’m going to be Barbie because of the Margot Robbie movie that’s coming up. I’m having a Halloween get together with my friends, and I’ve been planning for a couple of days.” -Kiley Irizzary, Junior


“I’m dressing up as Chucky, so it’s an overall skirt and it has a striped shirt. I’ll have a fake axe to carry, and I’m going to do makeup for the costume.” -Megan Lopez-Ordax, Junior


“I’m dressing up as a fairy. It’s just a cute blue butterfly crop top with a blue sparkly fringe skirt and wings. And I’m going to be with my friends baking cookies [and] painting pumpkins, while watching Halloween movies.” -Yoko Witkowski, Senior


“I’m going to be a dinosaur and walk around in a onesie, and I’m gonna ride around in a car with 3 of my friends and we’re gonna go around giving candy.” –Bernardo Barros, Junior


“I’m not sure [what I’ll dress up as,] maybe a VSCO girl or Lilo or Stitch…I am thinking about dressing up as something related to the beach because I love the beach and it is somewhere I would go during the summer.” -Annabelle Rodas, Junior

“Right after school my friends and I are going to the new Stranger Things store that’s opening, and then we’re going to go back to my house, go around the block and get candy. I’m doing a Top Gun suit for my costume, but not anyone specific.” -Isabella Alvarez, Junior