Some Things Are Just That Good

Take a look at the PPCS FOCUS App, it will change the school year for the better.


Mr. Foreman showcases the PPCS FOCUS App on his iPhone. The hidden gem has been camouflaging itself within the app stores of students and teachers for a while now, however it proves to be extremely useful.

Lindsey Smith , Arts and Entertainment Editor

The PPCS FOCUS App is perfect for anyone looking for an easy and quick means of checking important school information. With its new, easy to use, and fast responding software, the app has everything you need—from checking grades, to checking parent volunteer hours. Teachers are able to complete attendance with a quick click and students can check grades with one painless swipe. In comparison to the alternative, logging into the FOCUS account via a search browser, the app is much more responsive and not as “finicky” when it comes to logging into one’s account. As sophomore Annabelle Acevedo puts it: “Before, we used to have to log into Clever and then gmail and finally we could access our grades. It was just a very long process as we had to wait for each site to load. Now, we can simply click on an app and get direct access.”

   Although many students, parents, and teachers were apprehensive at first to open their hearts and phone storage for yet another school app, the PPCS FOCUS App may be referred to as the one exception. In some ways, it can be said that the app provides a deeper meaning. It’s a complexity. In some parallel universe, a school app has taught users that change can be good. Teachers, parents, students: rejoice in the luxury of fast speed, easy to use technology. Bask in its glory and accept the fact that some things are, as sophomore Matthew Cuenca puts it, “just that good.” Welcome to PPCS FOCUS: The App.